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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mount Stuart Wind Farm

At Waitahuna School we have  been learning about Wind Energy and the importance of using Renewable Energy.  We have discussed our need for electricity and the different technology we enjoy that needs electricity such as playstation, computers and TV.

The more we learn about Wind Energy and the construction of the Mt Stuart Wind Farm the more questions we seem to have.  Luckily our friends at Pioneer Generation have been very helpful at answering our questions. 
These are our latest questions about the Wind Farm construction kindly answered by the team at Pioneer Generation:

When the tower pieces arrive, are the stairs already in them? The stairs are already in the towers when they arrive in site. 

Where is the light located on the nacelle? The aircraft warning beacons are located at the highest point on the nacelle.
When you put the nacelle up is the gear-box, main-shaft and equipment already in it? When erected the nacelle has the gearbox, generator and main shaft inside.

How are the blades fixed onto the nacelle? The blades are fixed to a hub by bolts and the hub is bolted to the nacelle.
After you use the big red crane, at the end of the day do you lie it down or leave it standing? When the crane is left idle for long periods the boom is lowered but usually when in operation the boom is left up overnight.

How many tonnes can the big red crane lift? … Which is the heaviest part of the wind turbine to lift? The heaviest part of the wind turbine is the nacelle which is 23.3 tonnes.   With a short boom and when the load is very close to the crane it can lift up to 110 tonnes.
Why don’t they have windows in the tower as then they wouldn’t need to use as much electricity to light it? The towers have few holes in them apart from the door.   The reason for this is that any holes in the tower reduce its structural strength so it is more cost effective to put temporary lighting in the tower than windows.
Does the circumference of the tower get smaller as it goes up? The circumference of the tower gets smaller towards the top of the tower.

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