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Friday, September 9, 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011

After a huge count-down the Rugby World Cup has begun!  We look forward to using this great sporting event to support our learning.  The Senior Room has already started with their 'rugby' Reading Topic.  Some of them will even be able to tell you what the first rugby ball was made from... Why don't you ask them!

Click here to see the RWC Match Schedule

Here is a new website for you to explore. It has everything you need to find out about the
Rugby World Cup


Anonymous said...

Who do your class think will be first and second in each pool match? Just getting some expert opinions. Please post your results.

The interested person.

Anonymous said...

Waitahuna Senior Room placings in the RWC Pools for 'The Interested Person'
Pool A = 1st NZ, 2nd France
Pool B = 1st England, 2nd Argentina
Pool C = 1st Ireland, 2nd Australia
Pool D = 1st South Africa, 2nd ?? Samoa OR Wales.
We hope this helps you in your Rugby selections. from the Senior Room @ Waitahuna School

Anonymous said...

I bet most of you are cheering for the ALL BLACKS. ALL BLACKS are my favourite team for the RWC 2011