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Monday, March 26, 2012

Camp Sutton - Senior Room

Senior Room on Camp at Sutton

Sutton Camp Report

Waitahuna Schools Camp this year was at Sutton near Middlemarch.  We enjoyed discovering the exciting things that you can do in a very remote area.  One of the highlights was the Macraes Mine and Fish Hatchery. At the hatchery they have ponds with rainbow trout which they hatch.  When the fish have grown up they release them into local rivers and lakes.  They hatch 10 000– 12 000 trout a year.

Macraes mine is the biggest open-cast mine in New Zealand. One dump truck fits a lot of rock but it only produces 2 teaspoons of gold. The workers work a 12 hour shift and work around the clock.  The dump truck tyres are humungous and we could fit our whole class inside the tyre.

One sunny day we set out from Hyde on our bikes to ride a section of the Central Rail Trail.  The trail followed the old railway line that went from Dunedin to Cromwell. We rode to Tiroti Station, over 3 bridges and through one tunnel. Our total journey was 12 km and the scenery was fantastic with views of the Taieri River—but there were a lot of rabbits!

One day we journeyed to the Hyde Train Disaster Memorial which is between Middlemarch and Hyde.  This memorial is to remember the people killed in the 1943 train crash.  This is the 2nd worst rail disaster in New Zealand history. It makes you think and remember the people who died in the train disaster.  It also makes you think about death, as it is like a grave for the people who died.  It made us remember the stories we heard about the disaster—such as ‘the bags falling off the racks in the train before the crash’.  It was sad to think how isolated this area was and how long it would take for the emergency people to arrive in 1943.

Past Macraes by the wetlands we travelled to the skink enclosure. Skinks are native lizards that are found in the hills around Sutton, unfortunately there are a lot of predators that kill them so they have made an enclosure to keep the skinks safe and help grow their numbers.  The predators are cats, rats, ferrets, stoats, weasels and possums.  Skinks are cold blooded so the ones in the cages have a lamp to warm them up and the ones that are outside, find a rock and sun-bathe until they can scurry fast to find their food.  Before you hold a skink you have to rub your hands with soap that has alcohol in it so there are no diseases from your hands onto the skinks.  You also have to do this after to protect yourself from any skink diseases. We all thought the skinks were really interesting and were amazed that they only live in such a special place in New Zealand.

As you can see there are a lot of things to do near Sutton Camp.  We really enjoyed our camp and we would like to thank our parents for their help on camp.


Liam, Taylor, Olly, Danielle, Jack,
Jacob, Joshua, Abby, Rebecca & Jake

Macraes Mine
Abby cycling a leg of the Rail Trail
Dotty at the skink enclosure
Jake at Macraes Mine

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cody, Rahna and Larkin

We have Rahna's horse grazing over the road from school at the moment.  The other day Rahna took Cody over to feed him. I am sure Larkin enjoyed his morning breakfast.

Friday, March 9, 2012

We've reached another amazing milestone...

Today we have had our 5000th visitor to the Waitahuna School Blog!  We have enjoyed sharing the exciting things we do at Waitahuna School.  Thanks for your support and comments over the last 6 months.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sutton Camp - Hyde Rail Disaster

In preparation for the Senior Room's Camp to Sutton, they have been learning about the Hyde Rail Disaster.  They have learnt about the huge impact that this disaster had on New Zealand, especially with it happening during the wartime of 1943.  The children will visit the Hyde Memorial on their camp to Sutton and I am sure they will be able to inform the 'camp parents' of some facts about the Hyde Rail Disaster.  All the best for the campers next week at Sutton.
                                                                 From Mrs B
Please click on the image below to see their Reports on the Hyde Rail Disaster.

Harvest time

Today at Waitahuna School our vegetable garden provided food for lunch.  We harvested a great crop of silverbeet (including some with red and yellow stalks) and a bunch of healthy spring onions.  We then prepared the vegetables, bacon and some pasta; made a creamy cheese sauce and sat together and enjoyed the produce that we had grown ourselves.  You will be pleased to know that all children ate their greens and many lined up for seconds.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Small School Athletics


Waitahuna School travelled to the Small School Athletics at Balclutha today. Ms J and Mrs Blackmore were kept busy organising the high-jump. We were very proud of the sportsmanship that was shown by all of our children and with how much effort they put into the events - especially the school relay.
Special thanks to the parents who accompanied us.