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Monday, April 30, 2012

Investigating Autumn leaves

Jack's 37cm sycamore leaf
Today Jack brought a huge sycamore leaf to school.  This made us wonder, was it unusually big?  We decided to do some investigative work and find out.  Firstly we looked in the Guiness Book of Records, but couldn't find any information on 'large sycamore leaves'.  We then used 'Google' to see if we could find any more information.  The only information we could find was  on a sycamore leaf in America that was 14.6 inches.  When we converted this we found it was 44.5cm.  Then we measured Jack's leaf which was 37cm.  The difference between this leaf and Jack's was only 7.5 cm!
Jack's sycamore leaf compared to the USA leaf
We were very surprised to see how unusually big Jack's leaf was!


Anonymous said...

Well done Senior room, I am glad the leaf created so much discussion and it was very interesting to see how it compared to the large American leaf. Keep up the great work Mrs B.

Anonymous said...

This was a very interesting article. I have many sycamore trees but never ever seen a leaf that size. How interesting Could be the largest in NZ

An old Timer