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Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Garden ~ Cooking in the Junior Room

As Autumn comes to an end the Junior Room decided to  have one last dig in the garden.We collected carrots, onions , silver beet, rosemary, garlic and a leek. (the garlic and the leek came from Ms Johnstone’s garden-but it is just up the road).What to make?  For a bit of inspiration we read the book the Great Grumbler and the wonder Tree!
We decided on carrot cake and silverbeet pie.  
Mrs A helped the cake group and   Ms. Johnstone supervised the pie making.
The  pie tasted better than we thought it would although Bryn took a bit of encouragement to eat his silverbeet, but he didn’t grumble. The carrot cake was delicious.  From Ms Johnstone

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Waitahuna School at the Forsyth Barr Stadium ~ Highlanders vs Bulls

The pupils and parents from Waitahuna School travelled to Dunedin on Saturday to watch the Highlanders vs Bulls rugby game at the Forsyth Barr Stadium.

On the bus Olly predicted the Highlanders would win, because Lawrence teams had had a good day. Jack was a bit more conservative and hoped for a draw. So we were all delighted when the Highlanders pulled off the win. The cheering from Waitahuna may have helped! The ring side seats, the hotdogs and chips, rugby balls and goody bags added to the fun. The Highlander players who took the time to come over and sign faces, rugby balls and clothing added to the memories. Mrs Homer and Ms Johnstone were really impressed with the way our children behaved and really supported their team. Thanks to Mr Alec Benington for the smooth drive.

The children had a great time as you can tell from the expressions on their faces in the photos!

Thanks to Silver Fern Farms for their promotion and Ralph and Leanne Allen who were the lucky suppliers who nominated our school for this promotion.
We would like to thank Damian and Nicky on 97.4 MORE FM for letting us use their fabulous photos.  Please thank them by clicking the link below to like them on FACEBOOK

from Ms Johnstone

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pirates in the Junior Room

As a completion to our 'Pirate Unit' the Junior Room performed a Pirate play to the Senior Room.  The Play was called 'Pirate Trouble'.   Although nervous all the children read their parts with expression.  Congratulations to Captain Bryn and 'First mate Kathleen'

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Waitahuna School's 'NEW' Sign

We were very excited to see our new school sign at the front gate this morning. A huge thank you to Don and Roddy for their work in positioning the sign.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Thanks Lawrence Lions Club

We would like to thank the Lawrence Lions for their generous donation towards resources for Cody.
Today Cody received two sand-pit toys, a truck and a dozer. These toys will be used on a daily basis by Cody who  enjoys spending part of his daily programme playing in the sand-pit. We appreciate the support of the Lawrence Lions.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Waitahuna School Anzac Day Service

Waitahuna pupils ready to lay their wreath and
poppies at the School Roll of Remembrance
Ms J and Mrs Blackmore were very proud of the way the children conducted themselves at the school's Anzac Day Ceremony.  The Senior children produced a play based on the story of 'Simpson and his donkey'. Danielle read a piece she had written on what Anzac Day means to her.  The children stood silently listening to the 'Last Post' before laying a Poppy Wreath at the Waitahuna School Roll of Remembrance.Thank you for the responsibility and caring attitude you showed for our Anzac Day Service. from Mrs Blackmore and Ms Johnstone

Senior Room pupils acting in their drama of
 'Simpson and his Donkey'
Ms J brought along her Grandfather's 'Princess Mary Brass tin from 1914'
Read more about this interesting story
 by clicking on the photo above

War by Danielle Bain
War is one of the saddest things that has happened in the world. We had war because two countries were fighting over land. People that went to war were 18 and some were even younger. Most people that went to war thought it would be a great chance to get out and see the world. Also a lot of people knew people were going to get killed, but they didn’t think it would be them and unfortunately it was some of them. If they didn’t die it was still sad for them to see friends and even some family die. When New Zealand and Australia went to the battlefield it was late and they thought they could sneak up and kill some of the other team, unfortunately they got it wrong and they were the ones that got attacked. All the Turks were already up on the battlefield and as soon as the New Zealanders and Australians stepped foot in the battlefield they got shot. What was even worse was that some got shot when they were coming in on the boats. People that came back from the war were rewarded medals. My Great-Great Granddad went to war and he sent back letters so my Great-great Grandma has started typing them out. If people at war wanted to send a letter back an officer would have to check it in case the enemy saw it.