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Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Garden ~ Cooking in the Junior Room

As Autumn comes to an end the Junior Room decided to  have one last dig in the garden.We collected carrots, onions , silver beet, rosemary, garlic and a leek. (the garlic and the leek came from Ms Johnstone’s garden-but it is just up the road).What to make?  For a bit of inspiration we read the book the Great Grumbler and the wonder Tree!
We decided on carrot cake and silverbeet pie.  
Mrs A helped the cake group and   Ms. Johnstone supervised the pie making.
The  pie tasted better than we thought it would although Bryn took a bit of encouragement to eat his silverbeet, but he didn’t grumble. The carrot cake was delicious.  From Ms Johnstone


Anonymous said...

Well done Junior Room and Ms J. I am very impressed with the amount of vegetables we have picked from the garden this season. Yum Carrot cake - what a great way to eat your carrots! from Mrs Blackmore

Mrs A said...

Well done Junior Room, you are all going to be such great cooks, after cooking that lovely food. It all was Yummy. Mrs A

Anonymous said...

How lovely using up the vegetables in the garden. Your food sounded lovely. What lucky children

Cheers a well wisher

Anonymous said...

Yum yum that looks delishes jouner room,