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Friday, June 15, 2012

Pioneer Generation ~ Mt Stuart Wind Farm Opening ~ Global Wind Day

Today Waitahuna School was privileged to attend the Opening of the Mount Stuart Wind Farm. Although we couldn't visit the Wind Farm due to there being 2 inches of snow on Mount Stuart, we were warmly welcomed at the Waitahuna Hall.  The school was centre stage and the childrens' behaviour and manners were a credit to them.  Fraser Jonker, Pioneer Generations CEO gave a presentation which supported many of the things the children have learnt about during our Wind Energy Unit. Mr Jonker also highlighted the relationship that has been formed between their company and Waitahuna School and commented that Waitahuna School was 'INSPIRATIONAL'.

We would like to thank the friends of school who came with us to share this historic opening and also credit goes to our wonderful parents who took the time to prepare lunch for the large crowd. Thank you 
Mrs Blackmore

Please take the time to view the Poster Competion entries below-

Poster Competition 'Why Wind'
Senior Room 1st Prize:
Rebecca Benington, 2nd Prize: Olly Bugden
Junior Room 1st Prize: Kaitlin O'Neill, 2nd Bryn Holgate, 3rd Melee Dowle


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well done to the Waitahuna School. Sounds like a great time, such a shame there was so much snow that you couldn't get back up to the turbines.

Kerren said...

Love the posters Waitahuna School.

Anonymous said...

I was so impressed with everyone at the Pioneer Mt Stuart opening. There were a few speeches but you all listened so well! The posters looked amazing...a big congratulations to you all and to Mrs Blackmore for the artwork
Ms Johnstone

Anonymous said...

These 2 old "ladies" who attended thought the posters were excellent and so were the children on the day. Well done Waitahuna School.
Great work in the kitchen as well. Mrs Blackmore well done.

prof prem raj pushpakaran said...

prof premraj pushpakaran writes -- let us celebrate global wind day!!!