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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What a Surprise

This week we had a surprise we would like you to see, 
Someone gave us a present but we do not know who!
The gift was a huge native Totara tree
We would like to say 'thanks', if this gift was from you,
Merry Christmas to our Secret Santa from the
pupils and Teachers at Waitahuna School.

Adventures on the last day of school!

If you can't see the slideshow on your ipad or tablet, click the link below:
Last Day Adventures
On Wednesday we enjoyed a picnic lunch beside the Waitahuna River. The children enjoyed skimming stones and had boat races with sticks.  Later they paddled and enjoyed making dams out of stones.  Just as we were leaving the rain started to fall so we sheltered under the large trees.  As the rain wasn't stopping we were surprised and pleased to see Mrs Homer and Mrs Fox coming to pick us up.  The joys of living in a small caring community.

Plants, produce, preserves

If you can't see the slideshow above on your tablet or ipad, please click the link below:
Plants, produce, preserves
As part of our last Technology project for the year the children had the challenge of making preserves from our garden. The plants we used were gooseberries from our bush and mint from our garden.  We researched recipes on the internet and decided on gooseberry chutney, mint sauce and mint jelly.

Our first challenge was to pick the gooseberries (not an easy task).  We then had to 'top and tail' them.  Then we followed the recipe and cooked up the chutney in the staffroom.  We sterilised the jars to seal and preserve the chutney.  We then prepared the mint, pulling off the leaves and discarding any spotty ones.  We then cooked the sauce up and the jelly in pots side by side.

Our project used some recycled bottles which is good for the environment as it stops them going into the rubbish.  We labelled the jars and they were just about ready to got home.  Then we had to put our thinking caps on and think of a way to get glass bottles and jars safely home to our parents without them breaking.  We finally decided on corrugated cardboard to protect them.  We completed our gifts by making a recipe card and inserting it inside a Christmas Card.  We hope our parents enjoy their gifts.
PS: If you received a jar of Mint Jelly - please keep it in the fridge

End of Year Concert

Waitahuna School held their End of Year Concert to a large crowd in the Waitahuna Hall on Thursday.  The children put on a spectacular performance including singing 8 songs, performing two plays, reciting individual poems, Jump Jam and Ukulele items. As you can imagine this is a huge effort for a small group of children.  The feed-back about their performance has been very positive. We were so proud of them all.
If you can't see the slideshow below on your ipad or tablet, click the link below:
End of Year Concert

Friday, December 6, 2013

Athletics at Lawrence

If you can't see the slideshow above on your ipad or tablet, please click the link below:
Athletics at Lawrence
Another busy day with Waitahuna School visiting Lawrence Area School for Athletic sports. The temperature peaked at over 30 degrees! The children represented Waitahuna with pride and they appeared to finish the relay race first? (Although the video ref may disagree) A great day of competition, thanks to Lawrence Area School for the invitation.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Singing at the Lawrence Rest Home

Waitahuna School visited the Lawrence Rest Home to sing and perform to the elderly today.  The children sang a collection of songs including 'Lollipop, lollipop, Mr Postman and Forever Young. The senior children also played  4 songs on the ukuleles while the juniors sang.  The children performed fantastically considering the very hot conditions.  A huge thank you to Val Fox for taking us to Lawrence on the bus your kindness is appreciated.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Beach Education at Kaka Point

Waitahuna School went to Kaka Point today for their annual Beach Education Day.  The weather was hot and sunny and the children had a great time learning about beach safety and having a lot of fun in the surf. Thanks to all the Parents who helped to make it possible.
If you can't see the slideshow below on your ipad or tablet, click on the link below:
Beach Education


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Using our new learning tools

It is great now having some ipads at Waitahuna  School to compliment our Literacy and Numeracy programme. The children are already very skilled at using them.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

TRUMP Skills in the Senior Room - Combustion Engines

Since the last term the Senior Classroom students have been taking part in an activity designed to explore the skills needed to assemble complex model engines. These skills were linked back to the Key Competencies as part their evaluation and review.

The students worked in teams of two to assemble the five engines. The aim was for the Senior Classroom to end up with five working models; an exercise in cooperation not competition.
The following is a summary of the students’ evaluation of their TRUMP skills:

T for Thinking:    Problem solving - Cripes! There were over a hundred pieces to the engine kits. Read and re-read the instructions, then follow them
Well, most of the time we did…
and when we did not then things went very wrong indeed!~
R for Relating to others: talking with the others about what they are doing, using good manners, and no put downs.
U for Using language, symbols and text: using the instructions, words and pictures. Learning the vocabulary for engines. Eg. This is a camshaft not a “thingy”.
M for Managing self: creating and following routines eg. Setting up the work space and keeping it tidy.. Persevering – when the going gets tough the tough get going. Keeping track of next steps to avoid wasting time at the next session.
P for Participating and contributing: we helped each other, and some groups knew how to fix a problem and shared their ideas with the other groups.

 That way all the engines were put together and most of them worked.
Senior Rooms Internal Combustion Engines

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Berwick Camp

The Senior Class had a fantastic week at Berwick Camp.  The weather was excellent which gave the children a lot of time in the great outdoors.  The list of things they completed was truly impressive: tramping, biking, Confidence Course, kayaking, Initiative Course, Sinclair Wetlands, flying fox, orienteering, night walk, Camp quiz, archery, air Rifles, abseiling, making boomerangs and last but not least Waitahuna’s Got Talent on Thursday night! Ask your children to tell you about a few of them.

The children set goals and it made me very proud to see them overcome challenges along the way.  As you could imagine they all supported each other and were extremely well behaved (you should be very proud of your children). Our camp parents Bob, Bronny and Adam were a vital part of camp life and added some great skills to the mix.

Please take a look at the slideshow below with your child and ask them a little about their week.

Camp books will go home this week so you can read some of your children’s reflections. Well done Senior Room you made me very proud.

Mrs Blackmore

If you can't see the photos below on your ipad or tablet, try the link below:
Berwick Camp 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pet Day

We were pleased to have such wonderful weather for our Pet Day today. The day started with judging of our lambs, dogs, goats and rabbit. A huge thank you to the judges who took time to chat to each pet owner about their pet. 

Gaynor Finch from Clutha Vets also came and talked to the children about animal health.

The children had many interesting displays to show their parents and Grandparents including scenic trays, animal art, pet projects and a photography competition. In the afternoon we held our annual Agri-challenge where the children worked co-operatively on many challenging tasks.. The sun continued to shine and the children and pets behaved outstandingly. Well done to all involved.
If you can't see the slideshows below on your ipad or tablet please click the links below:
Pet Day
Pet Day Photo Competition

Photography Competition:

Pet Day Sheep Art

We have been very busy at Waitahuna School preparing for Pet Day.  The children have been using their pets as inspiration for their Art, writing and reading.  We thought you might like a look at our Art work and also our Home-Challenge 'A pet made from recycled products'.  As you can see we have some very creative children at Waitahuna.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thank you

THANK YOU to the person who dropped some garden tools at the back-door of Waitahuna School. The tools will be very helpful in our garden and have already been put to use. From the pupils and staff at Waitahuna School

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Old and Wise of our District

Waitahuna School has recently been doing a Social Science topic based around “Older and Wiser” this coincides with ‘International Great and Grands Day’ which takes place during October.  Through this we have been learning what life was like for the older members of our family and community.  The children have interviewed many ‘Old and wise’ people to find out what their favourite games were at school, favourite toys, favourite songs and favourite subjects and what school was actually like.  We have also learnt how thing were very different without  computer technology.

As a finish to our Unit we held a ‘get-together’ at the Waitahuna Hall where 40 grandparents, local old and wise residents and residents from the Tuapeka Rest Home came to socialise.  The children sang songs from a different era including ‘Lollipop lollipop, Puff the Magic dragon and When I’m 64.  The children then took part in different activities with the elderly including quoits, bowls, making pom-poms, and numerous board games.  The guests then enjoyed afternoon tea with pikelets, jam and cream baked by the children in the morning.
Thank you to our lovely Old and Wise visitors who helped make this afternoon a wonderful success.

Please look at the Gallery below of pictures of our Grandparents and Wise friends.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A very rare occasion...

Today we had a very exciting experience, one that many of us will never witness again.  As we have told you all, Sharon and Rex have invited us to their place to see the tui feeding before.  After advice from Sharon we were lucky enough to have the tui visit us at Waitahuna School.  Recently a tui at Rex and Sharon's got injured and they sent it to The Bush Haven Native Bird Rehabilitation Trust to recuperate. Tui are interesting birds as they have their own dialect (language) therefore the tui had to come back to Waitahuna to be released into his own community.  Today we were very pleased to be invited to watch the tui get released back home in Waitahuna.  We all stood very quietly watching the tui in his cage and we were pleased and excited to see him released to join his friends and family.  Thank you Sharon and Rex for such an exciting experience.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Today we had a visitor...

Today we had the pleasure of seeing our first tui feeding at Waitahuna School.  We feel that our investigations into Native birds have all been worth while.  We will keep you posted on the progress of our exciting visitor.

Daffodil Day

Elsie and Nate were really proud to help fill the Daffodil Day Poster.
Well done Waitahuna School.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We have a couple of favours to ask

This year Waitahuna School has again entered the Tui School Garden Challenge. This year they have a ‘People’s Choice Award! And we would really like your support with this.
The school with the most votes will win a...
$1000 voucher for Tui products to keep their garden growing. We will be updating the Tui site with our gardens progress.
Please support us with our chance to win by clicking on the link below and voting for ‘Waitahuna School’

If you are a keen gardener and use Tui Garden products, please keep your receipt after you make a purchase.  Pop your name on the back and send it in to Waitahuna school.  We will post in the receipts and you will have the chance to win a trip to Wanaka to have dinner with Annabel Langbein at her Wanaka cabin.
The school with the  most points per student will win a Duratuf shed loaded with Tui products, and a school visit by Annabel Langbein! – Small school could mean big rewards for Waitahuna School!

 Please remember us if you are buying Tui products this gardening season.

Stockists :
Lawrence: PGG Wrightson
Balclutha: PGG Wrightson, CRT, Clutha Mitre 10, Matau Garden Centre, The Warehouse
Mosgiel: Garden Place
Dunedin: The Red Barn, Mitre 10 Mega, Nichols Garden Centre

 We hope you enjoy watching our garden grow!
Thanks Clare and Vicki

Monday, September 9, 2013

Cross-country recognition

Today we were proud to present certificates to our pupils for their achievement at the Lawrence Area School and the South Otago Small Schools Cross country.
Congratulations to the following children:
Hannah Murray 3rd in LAS       3rd in South Otago Small Schools
Abby Bugden    2nd in LAS       3rd in South Otago Small Schools
Jack Murray      3rd in LAS       4th in South Otago Small Schools
Nate Robertson 2nd in LAS

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sports Activator - GOLF

Today we had a visit from Mitch our Sports Activator and Nicole who is a PE student at Otago University. The lesson focused on golf skills and it was impressive seeing the skill level and progress the children were making.
We will see Mitch again in Term 4 after his trip to the UK to compete in the World ITU triathlon grand final - Best of luck Mitch.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

It is all happening in Waitahuna today!

Well, we couldn't call it a slow News day in Waitahuna.
'Central Otago News' featured an article on Waitahuna School, if you didn't receive the paper please feel free to click the link below.

Waitahuna featured on Radio NZ with Jim Mora

Today Jim Mora featured Waitahuna in his 'Your Place segment'. Click the link to listen to the interview in full. The children were listening intently and a couple of little girls were very proud to hear their Granddad speaking. 

20 000 Thank yous

Our post says it all! Since we started the Waitahuna School blog in 2011 we have had 20 000 visitors. Some are our pupils, parents, Grandparents and special friends of our community; but we also have had these visitors from all over the world:
              11 000 from NZ                                   3 512 from USA
                   920 from UK                                      413 from Australia
                   400 from France                                240 from Germany
                     88 from Canada                                77 from Spain

Today we had a party to celebrate this momentous achievement. Our Maths was based on huge numbers (100s and 1000s). We looked up our Atlases to find the countries that our followers came from, we worked out how old we would be when we were 20 000 days old (54 years and 78 days).  To finish our celebration we ate 100 and 1000 biscuits blew up balloons and of course we took lots of photos so we could share this occasion with YOU! We hope you continue to follow the exciting things we do at Waitahuna School.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Baking, building and books

On Friday the 16 August…..some Waitahuna Students went skiing. For those who came to school that day we had a fun day working together.

In the morning we baked an apple cake. We had to  fiddle with the recipe because Ms J brought the ingredients but not the recipe!!!We added chocolate chips because Bryn did not like walnuts.  The cake was so yummy and good to eat. We ate it all up!!! Mr L-s and Cody also had a little piece.

 In the afternoon we built a city. The challenge was to use all our building materials and to work together. If you wanted to change the building we had to persuade the others that it was a good idea. Our city included a farm, a zoo, a park, the Sky Tower, a police house, a chicken farm, a playground  and a main street. Ms J was so impressed because everyone worked together so well, there were no arguments.

 Also Jake and Bryn  worked with Mrs Homer in the library learning to be our new Librarians. Great job boys.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Small School Cross-country at Clinton

Excellent weather at Clinton today for the Annual Small Schools Cross-country. The children enjoyed the challenges of the course with some mud and water to add to the fun. The Teachers and parents were very proud of the effort displayed by all of our pupils. Thanks again to the parents for their support with transport.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Where are the tui?

Our focus for the first two weeks of the term has been to identify areas around the school that the children can improve. This has included the outside and inside environments. 
The Seniors have looked at ideas to improve the gardens and the Juniors have identified some shambolic areas and are trying to work out plans to solve the mess.  The aim is to improve the garden and hopefully do some planting to help attract native birds. We have been feeding the birds over winter with bird puddings, apples threaded on our large trees and a nectar feeder. We have attracted many waxeyes also known as silver-eye or Tauhou in Maori, but unfortunately no tui.
The whole school visited Sharyn and Rex's garden last Thursday to see the tui feeding and to learn what plants are the best ones to attract native birds.
Today some of the Juniors helped to pot up strawberry plants and the Seniors planted seeds, the tui will have to wait till next Winter for their plants as these are for our school garden.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Cross-country at Gabriel's Gully

Today Waitahuna School travelled to Lawrence to compete in the annual cross-country held at Gabriel's Gully. The conditions were great and all children put in a top effort.  Thank you to the parents who travelled with us and to Lawrence Area School for their invitation.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sports Activator with Mitch

Today Waitahuna School had a visit from Mitch the Sports Activator for our school. The sports activator is employed by a cluster of schools in the Clutha district to deliver 12 sessions annually to each class. The programme is an initiative of Sport Otago and funded by Sparc and Sport Otago.
Today we focused on our basketball skills.  Mitch is going to be away in 6 weeks time to attend the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in London. We will have a group of fans at Waitahuna following his progress.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Term 3 ~ Junior Room

The Junior Room has had a great start to the term.  We are having a very funny time with our topic of clowns.  We have been reading books, writing stories and have even been doing some acrobatics on the beam just like clowns. Look at the photos of some of the lovely printing from our 5 year olds.

Term 3 ~ Senior Room

The Senior Room has settled quickly back into the classroom programme.  We have been working on our Unit of 'All About Me' and it has been interesting learning the strengths and interests of the class.  Yesterday the children drew self portraits.  If you click the link below you will see a scanned image of the finished portraits.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Meadow Fresh Promotion

PLEASE save the stickers off your Meadow Fresh milk and other Meadow Fresh products for Waitahuna School. The promotion runs for the next NINE weeks so start collecting now! Drop your stickers in to school OR post them to us at Waitahuna School RD3, Lawrence 9532

Monday, July 15, 2013

Presentation Assembly

3d Insect Art
The children have been very excited about their Presentation Assembly and have spent quite a bit of time perfecting their items. It was so positive to have 40 parents, pre-schoolers and friends of the school attend our Assembly on Friday.
The Assembly had an Insect theme based on our Inquiry topic this term. The children sang songs, told jokes, performed a play, and played the ukulele.  We were very proud of their performances and have received many positive comments from the guests. 
We wish you all a safe and restful holiday break.
Mrs Blackmore and Ms Johnstone

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hockey Tournament 2013

Today the Year 4,5 and 6 pupils travelled to Milton to represent us in the Annual Year 5 & 6 hockey tournament. The children played with guts and determination and focused on our goal to confront our opposition at every opportunity.  This can be a very daunting task, but they all stepped up to the challenge.
First they played Milton 1 and won, then Tokoiti Terrors and won.  Followed by Waihola, Milton 2  in which they drew and Milton 3 which they won.  We then played the final against Waihola where we lost 4-2. 
The team represented our school with pride and showed great sportsmanship.  We are very proud of their performance especially with a squad of only 7 in a 6 a-side competition and the smallest school represented. (click the photo above to see a slideshow of the tournament highlights)
Well done team Waitahuna taking away 2nd place.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Otago Museum Sleep-Over

Recently Waitahuna School had an exciting trip to Dunedin to Sleep-Over at Otago Museum.

There were many new learning experiences including taking part in a lesson which complimented their classroom learning on the topic of ‘minibeasts’. The children also had an Olympic challenge which involved much creativity and co-operation. At tea time they had pizza before spending time in Discovery World. Then supper was spent with the butterflies in the butterfly house. Later when it was dark they crept through the museum to the Animal Attic where they listened to Mrs Blackmore reading ‘The Lawrence Lions’ book. Sleeping bags were then rolled out in preparation for a good nights sleep at the Museum. In the morning they awoke to a very quiet museum with Waitahuna School being the only visitors. The children, teachers and parents were then allowed to spend the next hour on a Scavenger Hunt in the museum before packing cars and leaving for the Botanical Gardens. Our last stop was McDonald’s for lunch before heading back to Waitahuna School.

We would like to thank the parents who accompanied us on the trip for their encouragement and ability to help and guide the children.

Thanks also goes to
Southfuels and our local Southfuels sponsors—the commission we receive funded the cost of the sleepover.

Regards Vicki and Clare

Below is a report from the Senior Room of their experiences during the Sleep-Over at Otago Museum

1.       Crede
On Thursday afternoon we were very excited as we travelled to Dunedin for our adventure.When we were all there we took our bags into the big room and unpacked them. Then we all had afternoon tea. After afternoon tea we had mini beast lessons.  First we all had to get a plastic insect and had to find its real home at the displays in the Museum.  Then some of us were going into a rock cave and there was a little statue of a man.  Later we went to the Animal Attic to look at the spiders, insect legs and we got to do an activity on the ipad and look at minibeasts up close.  We all had a go on the ipad and we had a look at big and microscopic insects.  

2.       Abby
The games in Discovery World are the Bubble makers: you pull the string and the shape came up as a bubble, Mind ball: you have to think of nothing and you win. BUT! It was strange that player 1 always won, The giant piano: you step on the A, B, C, D, E, F, and G keys and you can play music like Congo (Congo, Congo, Congo and Congo was his name oh. The bottom less hole: you looked into a short hole and it looks HUGE! The air cannon: if you bang on the black leather air comes out the other end. Make your hand: if you put your hand in the bed of nails it will print on the other side. In discovery world we made lots of discoveries.

3.       Jake
There we were in Otago Museum at 6.30 at night.  I found Egyptian masks, Egyptian people of the past. But the scariest thing about the Egyptians is the one… the only… MUMMY.  It was wrapped up in fabric.   Then we did a group activity.  We were all given a certain country that competes in the Olympics.  We had to make an anthem, new game or event, and our country’s new costume for the Olympic Games.  My team had Greece and we invented a sport called ‘Nile swimming’.  It was very hard especially making an anthem. The different countries were Egypt, Congo, Japan and Greece.  Afterwards we had to parade and show what we had made to the parents and teachers.

4.       Rebecca
After the excitement of the Olympic Challenge we had another surprise. We went to the Tropical Forest.  As soon as we walked in it felt like it was one hundred degrees.  There was a gecko sitting on a post and an Atlas moth.  The Atlas moth does not have mouth so it can only stay alive for three days.  I thought the Tropical Forest was very cool because the design is based in the inside of a volcano.

5.       Jack
Later in the night we went for a nightwalk.  We held on to each other’s shoulders.  We made a single file line about 10 metres long.  I was at the back and I was creeped out.  On the way to the Animal Attic I could make out a body.  I screamed inside my head, we carried on.  We walked past the People of the World exhibit, the Mummy coming to life popped into my head.  We were now in the Animal Attic. We sat in the centre of the room in the dark.  I felt 10 000 eyes watching me because- there were!  The Museum Teacher read a story then… Rooarr! Screeamm! Howlll! scream! ooo aaa! screeaam!patter, patter patter! scream!  I was so scared because we were in the pitch blackness with lots of screaming and I was right at the back of the pack.  Then the lights turned on and then the story ended.  We realised the noises were coming from the adults.  Then we had a look around the Animal Attic.  My favourite creature was the Japanese spider crab.

6.       Ty
After Hannah the Museum Teacher read us the scary story, Mrs Blackmore read us another story.  It’s called The Lawrence Lions.  Mrs Blackmore read us the story when the Attic was quite dark. People started to calm down.  The story was true and Sultan and Sonia the Lawrence lions got to hear it in the Museum at night.  We are the first kids who have read the story to the lions at night. Then we got our mattresses out and our pillow, sleeping bag, (some of us got our teddies). Some people got to sleep in 20 or 30 minutes, but I got to sleep in an hour.

7.       Bryn
It was Friday morning, a new day.  We had breakfast then we went to the tropical forest.  Then Jack, Jake, Lochie, Jayden, Paige and I went on a Scavenger Hunt.  We found a Sri Lankan mask, yellow-eyed penguin, the mummy, the badilack stone, a great white sharks jaw, a Maori warrior and a boat.  It was challenging but fun.  Ms J was helping our group and she was good at the Maori questions

8.       Hannah
Then we packed our bags and hopped in the cars.  We went to the Botanic Garden to look at the aviary. There were lots of birds and there was even a cockatoo that could talk in English! But my favourite bird was the Golden McCaw. Then we went for lunch at McDonalds and then we went back to school.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Otago Museum Sleep-Over ~Junior Room Stories

On Thursday we went to the museum. When we went up to the animal Attic it was exciting. We had to find the biggest insect in the world.

When we went up to the animal attic we also went there at night. When Hannah read a story to the school the adults made a big roaring noise. When Hannah read the monkey bit the adults made a monkey noise. It was a bit scary, nearly all the school were crying. Then Mrs Blackmore read her book to the school. Then everyone stopped crying and went back down stairs. Then everyone got ready to go to bed. The boys were talking for a bit. We went to bed at 10.30. We woke up at 7.00.

I think the Animal attic is pretty cool as you can see lots of different types of animals.
by Kaitlin

At the museum in the Animal Attic I saw a snow leopard. The snow leopard was dead. The snow leopard was standing between a big wolf and a little leopard with a big jaw. I saw that the snow leopard had black spots and grey fur. It looked cute. There were two more leopards in the Attic. I think the leopards were friends with the wolf.
by Madaline

I saw a gorilla in the Animal Attic. I saw a spider under the glass. I liked the gorilla.
by Nate

On Thursday we went to the museum. When we got to the museum I knew the Lawrence Lions were in the attic. I didn’t know what else was in the attic. I saw a really funny monkey sitting on a stick. I think when we went to the Animal Attic all the other animals were good because they were different types. 
by Lochie

One day we went to the museum and we looked at the lions. The lions are sad because they are dead.
by Paige

In the Animal Attic I saw a bunny rabbit and a crocodile.
by Elsie

I was looking at the butterflies in the Animal Attic. I know what is the difference out of a butterfly and a moth. The difference is a moth is fluffier than the butterfly. The Atlas moth is born without a mouth.
by Lochie M

The red back is the coolest spider. The red back is dangerous because it is poisonous. A red back spider has fangs.
by Cameron

I am looking at the lion. I thought I heard the lion growling.
by Jayden

At the Animal Attic we got to sleep over. Then we learnt about the Lawrence Lions. In the dark the adults shouted. Lots of people cried. I think it was a bit scary but I am not scared
by Briar

Sonia the lion is dead. Sultan is dead too. The lions were not alive.
by Abbie

When we went to the museum we went walking in the night. We went to see the lions in the dark. In the night I was sad. I think I was sad because I was scared but then Rebecca helped me feel better.
by Paige

On Thursday we went to see the Otago Museum. In the museum the moth was sitting down on a rock. At the Animal Attic I liked the monkey because some of the monkeys were hanging upside down.by Nate

Monday, June 3, 2013

Jake the Ball Runner

On Saturday Night Waitahuna School was proud to have Jake as the Official Ball Runner for the Highlanders vs Blues.
Jake had a fantastic night and as well as running the ball out to half way he met JK, Ali Williams and Andrew Hore.  He also had his photo taken with a few familiar faces.

Jake was obviously a lucky charm as the Highlanders had their best game for the season coming away with a win! WELL DONE JAKE you made Waitahuna School very proud.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Holiday Working Bee

What a fantastic school community we have at Waitahuna. Today 20 parents, teachers and friends of the school gave up their time to help crutch lambs at the Murray's.  20 children were also there and were able to help on the broom and penning up. A great effort by all and a scrumptious tea provided by the Murrays. 
Thank you to everyone who came to help.

You're never too young to help
Dragging out lambs

Lollipop for energy
Tramping the fadge

More tramping
Great times in the holidays
Penning up
Helping Dad
Ms J on the broom
Sliding on the fadge
3 generations helping out

Fun times