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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Where does our food come from?

Where does our food come from?
This is the question we have been asking in Inquiry time recently. First we started with the basics and found that all food comes from animals and plants, with much discussion about where noodles came from.  Next we delved deeper with the children bring grocery items from home.  We all know that New Zealand makes a lot of our delicious food, so our focus was on places outside of New Zealand and we were very surprised! First we constructed a huge World map and the Senior Room pupils used Atlases to label the parts of the world.  Then on Friday afternoon we worked as a team to chart all our grocery items onto our map. Some of our findings are listed below:
salmon from Alaska
oranges from USA
dates from Iran
reduced cream from Holland
mustard from Australia
spaghetti from Italy
noodles from Indonesia
cranberries from USA
olives from Morocco

We look forward to continuing our Inquiry next term where we will find out about a little grain that most of us eat everyday... We will keep you posted with our findings.

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