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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Otago Museum Sleep-Over ~Junior Room Stories

On Thursday we went to the museum. When we went up to the animal Attic it was exciting. We had to find the biggest insect in the world.

When we went up to the animal attic we also went there at night. When Hannah read a story to the school the adults made a big roaring noise. When Hannah read the monkey bit the adults made a monkey noise. It was a bit scary, nearly all the school were crying. Then Mrs Blackmore read her book to the school. Then everyone stopped crying and went back down stairs. Then everyone got ready to go to bed. The boys were talking for a bit. We went to bed at 10.30. We woke up at 7.00.

I think the Animal attic is pretty cool as you can see lots of different types of animals.
by Kaitlin

At the museum in the Animal Attic I saw a snow leopard. The snow leopard was dead. The snow leopard was standing between a big wolf and a little leopard with a big jaw. I saw that the snow leopard had black spots and grey fur. It looked cute. There were two more leopards in the Attic. I think the leopards were friends with the wolf.
by Madaline

I saw a gorilla in the Animal Attic. I saw a spider under the glass. I liked the gorilla.
by Nate

On Thursday we went to the museum. When we got to the museum I knew the Lawrence Lions were in the attic. I didn’t know what else was in the attic. I saw a really funny monkey sitting on a stick. I think when we went to the Animal Attic all the other animals were good because they were different types. 
by Lochie

One day we went to the museum and we looked at the lions. The lions are sad because they are dead.
by Paige

In the Animal Attic I saw a bunny rabbit and a crocodile.
by Elsie

I was looking at the butterflies in the Animal Attic. I know what is the difference out of a butterfly and a moth. The difference is a moth is fluffier than the butterfly. The Atlas moth is born without a mouth.
by Lochie M

The red back is the coolest spider. The red back is dangerous because it is poisonous. A red back spider has fangs.
by Cameron

I am looking at the lion. I thought I heard the lion growling.
by Jayden

At the Animal Attic we got to sleep over. Then we learnt about the Lawrence Lions. In the dark the adults shouted. Lots of people cried. I think it was a bit scary but I am not scared
by Briar

Sonia the lion is dead. Sultan is dead too. The lions were not alive.
by Abbie

When we went to the museum we went walking in the night. We went to see the lions in the dark. In the night I was sad. I think I was sad because I was scared but then Rebecca helped me feel better.
by Paige

On Thursday we went to see the Otago Museum. In the museum the moth was sitting down on a rock. At the Animal Attic I liked the monkey because some of the monkeys were hanging upside down.by Nate

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Anonymous said...

Look's like you had a lot of fun Waitahuna school!! We have been on a otago muesum sleepover camp too!! It was fun seeing the tropical rainforest at night!!

Jessicsa Lawrence area school