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Friday, June 14, 2013

Otago Museum Sleep-Over

Recently Waitahuna School had an exciting trip to Dunedin to Sleep-Over at Otago Museum.

There were many new learning experiences including taking part in a lesson which complimented their classroom learning on the topic of ‘minibeasts’. The children also had an Olympic challenge which involved much creativity and co-operation. At tea time they had pizza before spending time in Discovery World. Then supper was spent with the butterflies in the butterfly house. Later when it was dark they crept through the museum to the Animal Attic where they listened to Mrs Blackmore reading ‘The Lawrence Lions’ book. Sleeping bags were then rolled out in preparation for a good nights sleep at the Museum. In the morning they awoke to a very quiet museum with Waitahuna School being the only visitors. The children, teachers and parents were then allowed to spend the next hour on a Scavenger Hunt in the museum before packing cars and leaving for the Botanical Gardens. Our last stop was McDonald’s for lunch before heading back to Waitahuna School.

We would like to thank the parents who accompanied us on the trip for their encouragement and ability to help and guide the children.

Thanks also goes to
Southfuels and our local Southfuels sponsors—the commission we receive funded the cost of the sleepover.

Regards Vicki and Clare

Below is a report from the Senior Room of their experiences during the Sleep-Over at Otago Museum

1.       Crede
On Thursday afternoon we were very excited as we travelled to Dunedin for our adventure.When we were all there we took our bags into the big room and unpacked them. Then we all had afternoon tea. After afternoon tea we had mini beast lessons.  First we all had to get a plastic insect and had to find its real home at the displays in the Museum.  Then some of us were going into a rock cave and there was a little statue of a man.  Later we went to the Animal Attic to look at the spiders, insect legs and we got to do an activity on the ipad and look at minibeasts up close.  We all had a go on the ipad and we had a look at big and microscopic insects.  

2.       Abby
The games in Discovery World are the Bubble makers: you pull the string and the shape came up as a bubble, Mind ball: you have to think of nothing and you win. BUT! It was strange that player 1 always won, The giant piano: you step on the A, B, C, D, E, F, and G keys and you can play music like Congo (Congo, Congo, Congo and Congo was his name oh. The bottom less hole: you looked into a short hole and it looks HUGE! The air cannon: if you bang on the black leather air comes out the other end. Make your hand: if you put your hand in the bed of nails it will print on the other side. In discovery world we made lots of discoveries.

3.       Jake
There we were in Otago Museum at 6.30 at night.  I found Egyptian masks, Egyptian people of the past. But the scariest thing about the Egyptians is the one… the only… MUMMY.  It was wrapped up in fabric.   Then we did a group activity.  We were all given a certain country that competes in the Olympics.  We had to make an anthem, new game or event, and our country’s new costume for the Olympic Games.  My team had Greece and we invented a sport called ‘Nile swimming’.  It was very hard especially making an anthem. The different countries were Egypt, Congo, Japan and Greece.  Afterwards we had to parade and show what we had made to the parents and teachers.

4.       Rebecca
After the excitement of the Olympic Challenge we had another surprise. We went to the Tropical Forest.  As soon as we walked in it felt like it was one hundred degrees.  There was a gecko sitting on a post and an Atlas moth.  The Atlas moth does not have mouth so it can only stay alive for three days.  I thought the Tropical Forest was very cool because the design is based in the inside of a volcano.

5.       Jack
Later in the night we went for a nightwalk.  We held on to each other’s shoulders.  We made a single file line about 10 metres long.  I was at the back and I was creeped out.  On the way to the Animal Attic I could make out a body.  I screamed inside my head, we carried on.  We walked past the People of the World exhibit, the Mummy coming to life popped into my head.  We were now in the Animal Attic. We sat in the centre of the room in the dark.  I felt 10 000 eyes watching me because- there were!  The Museum Teacher read a story then… Rooarr! Screeamm! Howlll! scream! ooo aaa! screeaam!patter, patter patter! scream!  I was so scared because we were in the pitch blackness with lots of screaming and I was right at the back of the pack.  Then the lights turned on and then the story ended.  We realised the noises were coming from the adults.  Then we had a look around the Animal Attic.  My favourite creature was the Japanese spider crab.

6.       Ty
After Hannah the Museum Teacher read us the scary story, Mrs Blackmore read us another story.  It’s called The Lawrence Lions.  Mrs Blackmore read us the story when the Attic was quite dark. People started to calm down.  The story was true and Sultan and Sonia the Lawrence lions got to hear it in the Museum at night.  We are the first kids who have read the story to the lions at night. Then we got our mattresses out and our pillow, sleeping bag, (some of us got our teddies). Some people got to sleep in 20 or 30 minutes, but I got to sleep in an hour.

7.       Bryn
It was Friday morning, a new day.  We had breakfast then we went to the tropical forest.  Then Jack, Jake, Lochie, Jayden, Paige and I went on a Scavenger Hunt.  We found a Sri Lankan mask, yellow-eyed penguin, the mummy, the badilack stone, a great white sharks jaw, a Maori warrior and a boat.  It was challenging but fun.  Ms J was helping our group and she was good at the Maori questions

8.       Hannah
Then we packed our bags and hopped in the cars.  We went to the Botanic Garden to look at the aviary. There were lots of birds and there was even a cockatoo that could talk in English! But my favourite bird was the Golden McCaw. Then we went for lunch at McDonalds and then we went back to school.

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