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Monday, August 26, 2013

Sports Activator - GOLF

Today we had a visit from Mitch our Sports Activator and Nicole who is a PE student at Otago University. The lesson focused on golf skills and it was impressive seeing the skill level and progress the children were making.
We will see Mitch again in Term 4 after his trip to the UK to compete in the World ITU triathlon grand final - Best of luck Mitch.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

It is all happening in Waitahuna today!

Well, we couldn't call it a slow News day in Waitahuna.
'Central Otago News' featured an article on Waitahuna School, if you didn't receive the paper please feel free to click the link below.

Waitahuna featured on Radio NZ with Jim Mora

Today Jim Mora featured Waitahuna in his 'Your Place segment'. Click the link to listen to the interview in full. The children were listening intently and a couple of little girls were very proud to hear their Granddad speaking. 

20 000 Thank yous

Our post says it all! Since we started the Waitahuna School blog in 2011 we have had 20 000 visitors. Some are our pupils, parents, Grandparents and special friends of our community; but we also have had these visitors from all over the world:
              11 000 from NZ                                   3 512 from USA
                   920 from UK                                      413 from Australia
                   400 from France                                240 from Germany
                     88 from Canada                                77 from Spain

Today we had a party to celebrate this momentous achievement. Our Maths was based on huge numbers (100s and 1000s). We looked up our Atlases to find the countries that our followers came from, we worked out how old we would be when we were 20 000 days old (54 years and 78 days).  To finish our celebration we ate 100 and 1000 biscuits blew up balloons and of course we took lots of photos so we could share this occasion with YOU! We hope you continue to follow the exciting things we do at Waitahuna School.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Baking, building and books

On Friday the 16 August…..some Waitahuna Students went skiing. For those who came to school that day we had a fun day working together.

In the morning we baked an apple cake. We had to  fiddle with the recipe because Ms J brought the ingredients but not the recipe!!!We added chocolate chips because Bryn did not like walnuts.  The cake was so yummy and good to eat. We ate it all up!!! Mr L-s and Cody also had a little piece.

 In the afternoon we built a city. The challenge was to use all our building materials and to work together. If you wanted to change the building we had to persuade the others that it was a good idea. Our city included a farm, a zoo, a park, the Sky Tower, a police house, a chicken farm, a playground  and a main street. Ms J was so impressed because everyone worked together so well, there were no arguments.

 Also Jake and Bryn  worked with Mrs Homer in the library learning to be our new Librarians. Great job boys.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Small School Cross-country at Clinton

Excellent weather at Clinton today for the Annual Small Schools Cross-country. The children enjoyed the challenges of the course with some mud and water to add to the fun. The Teachers and parents were very proud of the effort displayed by all of our pupils. Thanks again to the parents for their support with transport.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Where are the tui?

Our focus for the first two weeks of the term has been to identify areas around the school that the children can improve. This has included the outside and inside environments. 
The Seniors have looked at ideas to improve the gardens and the Juniors have identified some shambolic areas and are trying to work out plans to solve the mess.  The aim is to improve the garden and hopefully do some planting to help attract native birds. We have been feeding the birds over winter with bird puddings, apples threaded on our large trees and a nectar feeder. We have attracted many waxeyes also known as silver-eye or Tauhou in Maori, but unfortunately no tui.
The whole school visited Sharyn and Rex's garden last Thursday to see the tui feeding and to learn what plants are the best ones to attract native birds.
Today some of the Juniors helped to pot up strawberry plants and the Seniors planted seeds, the tui will have to wait till next Winter for their plants as these are for our school garden.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Cross-country at Gabriel's Gully

Today Waitahuna School travelled to Lawrence to compete in the annual cross-country held at Gabriel's Gully. The conditions were great and all children put in a top effort.  Thank you to the parents who travelled with us and to Lawrence Area School for their invitation.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sports Activator with Mitch

Today Waitahuna School had a visit from Mitch the Sports Activator for our school. The sports activator is employed by a cluster of schools in the Clutha district to deliver 12 sessions annually to each class. The programme is an initiative of Sport Otago and funded by Sparc and Sport Otago.
Today we focused on our basketball skills.  Mitch is going to be away in 6 weeks time to attend the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in London. We will have a group of fans at Waitahuna following his progress.