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Thursday, August 22, 2013

20 000 Thank yous

Our post says it all! Since we started the Waitahuna School blog in 2011 we have had 20 000 visitors. Some are our pupils, parents, Grandparents and special friends of our community; but we also have had these visitors from all over the world:
              11 000 from NZ                                   3 512 from USA
                   920 from UK                                      413 from Australia
                   400 from France                                240 from Germany
                     88 from Canada                                77 from Spain

Today we had a party to celebrate this momentous achievement. Our Maths was based on huge numbers (100s and 1000s). We looked up our Atlases to find the countries that our followers came from, we worked out how old we would be when we were 20 000 days old (54 years and 78 days).  To finish our celebration we ate 100 and 1000 biscuits blew up balloons and of course we took lots of photos so we could share this occasion with YOU! We hope you continue to follow the exciting things we do at Waitahuna School.


Anonymous said...

"we ate 100 and 1000 biscuits" - never did that when I was at the school. But that was in 1945! My father, Bill Patterson, was Presbyterian "Home Missionary" for 3 months and I got my first country life and a couple of days of school - then I think the school was closed because of a polio epidemic.

Kind regards - Robin Patterson, Plimmerton

Anonymous said...

Well done Waitahuna school, lots of celebrations :)
Bronny :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - what a GREAT way to communicate with your Community and the World about what you are doing. I love to read what you are all doing. Many thanks for sharing it with us.
Val G