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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Baking, building and books

On Friday the 16 August…..some Waitahuna Students went skiing. For those who came to school that day we had a fun day working together.

In the morning we baked an apple cake. We had to  fiddle with the recipe because Ms J brought the ingredients but not the recipe!!!We added chocolate chips because Bryn did not like walnuts.  The cake was so yummy and good to eat. We ate it all up!!! Mr L-s and Cody also had a little piece.

 In the afternoon we built a city. The challenge was to use all our building materials and to work together. If you wanted to change the building we had to persuade the others that it was a good idea. Our city included a farm, a zoo, a park, the Sky Tower, a police house, a chicken farm, a playground  and a main street. Ms J was so impressed because everyone worked together so well, there were no arguments.

 Also Jake and Bryn  worked with Mrs Homer in the library learning to be our new Librarians. Great job boys.

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