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Monday, August 12, 2013

Where are the tui?

Our focus for the first two weeks of the term has been to identify areas around the school that the children can improve. This has included the outside and inside environments. 
The Seniors have looked at ideas to improve the gardens and the Juniors have identified some shambolic areas and are trying to work out plans to solve the mess.  The aim is to improve the garden and hopefully do some planting to help attract native birds. We have been feeding the birds over winter with bird puddings, apples threaded on our large trees and a nectar feeder. We have attracted many waxeyes also known as silver-eye or Tauhou in Maori, but unfortunately no tui.
The whole school visited Sharyn and Rex's garden last Thursday to see the tui feeding and to learn what plants are the best ones to attract native birds.
Today some of the Juniors helped to pot up strawberry plants and the Seniors planted seeds, the tui will have to wait till next Winter for their plants as these are for our school garden.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you plant kowhai trees because there is big kowhai tree near my house and counted 8 Tuis in it plus some Bell-birds. Their song is beautiful.
Keep up the good work
Cheers Val Goss