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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A very rare occasion...

Today we had a very exciting experience, one that many of us will never witness again.  As we have told you all, Sharon and Rex have invited us to their place to see the tui feeding before.  After advice from Sharon we were lucky enough to have the tui visit us at Waitahuna School.  Recently a tui at Rex and Sharon's got injured and they sent it to The Bush Haven Native Bird Rehabilitation Trust to recuperate. Tui are interesting birds as they have their own dialect (language) therefore the tui had to come back to Waitahuna to be released into his own community.  Today we were very pleased to be invited to watch the tui get released back home in Waitahuna.  We all stood very quietly watching the tui in his cage and we were pleased and excited to see him released to join his friends and family.  Thank you Sharon and Rex for such an exciting experience.

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