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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

TRUMP Skills in the Senior Room - Combustion Engines

Since the last term the Senior Classroom students have been taking part in an activity designed to explore the skills needed to assemble complex model engines. These skills were linked back to the Key Competencies as part their evaluation and review.

The students worked in teams of two to assemble the five engines. The aim was for the Senior Classroom to end up with five working models; an exercise in cooperation not competition.
The following is a summary of the students’ evaluation of their TRUMP skills:

T for Thinking:    Problem solving - Cripes! There were over a hundred pieces to the engine kits. Read and re-read the instructions, then follow them
Well, most of the time we did…
and when we did not then things went very wrong indeed!~
R for Relating to others: talking with the others about what they are doing, using good manners, and no put downs.
U for Using language, symbols and text: using the instructions, words and pictures. Learning the vocabulary for engines. Eg. This is a camshaft not a “thingy”.
M for Managing self: creating and following routines eg. Setting up the work space and keeping it tidy.. Persevering – when the going gets tough the tough get going. Keeping track of next steps to avoid wasting time at the next session.
P for Participating and contributing: we helped each other, and some groups knew how to fix a problem and shared their ideas with the other groups.

 That way all the engines were put together and most of them worked.
Senior Rooms Internal Combustion Engines

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