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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Plants, produce, preserves

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Plants, produce, preserves
As part of our last Technology project for the year the children had the challenge of making preserves from our garden. The plants we used were gooseberries from our bush and mint from our garden.  We researched recipes on the internet and decided on gooseberry chutney, mint sauce and mint jelly.

Our first challenge was to pick the gooseberries (not an easy task).  We then had to 'top and tail' them.  Then we followed the recipe and cooked up the chutney in the staffroom.  We sterilised the jars to seal and preserve the chutney.  We then prepared the mint, pulling off the leaves and discarding any spotty ones.  We then cooked the sauce up and the jelly in pots side by side.

Our project used some recycled bottles which is good for the environment as it stops them going into the rubbish.  We labelled the jars and they were just about ready to got home.  Then we had to put our thinking caps on and think of a way to get glass bottles and jars safely home to our parents without them breaking.  We finally decided on corrugated cardboard to protect them.  We completed our gifts by making a recipe card and inserting it inside a Christmas Card.  We hope our parents enjoy their gifts.
PS: If you received a jar of Mint Jelly - please keep it in the fridge

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