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Friday, December 19, 2014


On the last day of school (Wednesday) the Waitahuna School parents put on a fun day for the children.  The day started with BBQ and Ice Cream Sunday making.  Then one of our clever Mum's came and did face painting for all the children.  Next the fire-truck arrived and set up a huge slippery slide.  The children then played t-ball with the parents and later had a go at paint-ball target shooting.
The teachers would like to thank the Parents for the effort they put in to make such a fun day for their children - definitely a day to remember.


This week the children have been busy working on their garden make-over. This included moving 10 cubic metres of woodchips around the school grounds.  The children then showed their artistic flair drawing and painting native birds to go on the classroom walls. (All these birds and reptiles have visited the school during the year). A huge thank you to Dylan's Mum Jenna who came down and cut them out with her jig-saw - A very skilled operator she is! 

The last part of the project was for the children to paint their own stone for our stone garden including a stone sculpture of one of our favourite story book characters.  

Well done students you can be very proud of your effort and creativity making your garden your own!

Good luck to all the green-fingered children who took home pumpkin and courgette plants - we look forward to hearing how your garden grows over the holiday break.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

End of Year Variety Concert

What a fantastic performance by all the Waitahuna pupils at the Variety Concert last night. Singing, dancing, ukulele playing and acting capped off an exciting year of achievements for all the pupils.  We are especially proud of our 'Year 6 leavers' for the confidence they displayed reading their speeches to a very large crowd.

Monday, November 24, 2014


A fantastic week at camp in Cromwell for the Waitahuna School Seniors Camp. Great weather and challenging activities let the children show their fitness, talents and determination. A huge thanks to our camp parents Dave and Bronny for their support and encouragement, also to all the friendly people in Cromwell who made our stay very memorable.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thanks Heliview Cromwell

We will update our Cromwell Camp on Monday but we wanted to make a special post to our friends at Heliview in Cromwell.  

On Tuesday while biking from Cromwell to Bannockburn we had one bike break down.  After a couple of phone calls we were talking to the guys at Heliview who generously offered to bring a bike out to us for us to complete our journey.  

As the track has slightly limited road access in places it was great to see Richard riding the bike in to us and then walking the broken bike out. 

We think we have a great community spirit Waitahuna but totally overwhelmed by the kindness and friendliness shown by all Cromwell people, especially the guys at Heliview.   www.heliview.co.nz

If you would like a flight around Central Otago we would definitely recommend these guys.
(Camp update to follow...soon)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sports Extravaganza

A great day at the Cross Recreation Centre today for the Sports Extravaganza. The children enjoyed the huge variety of activities and challenges, and it was pleasing to see them mixing well with the children in their groups. Thanks to Jo for helping with transport, supporting the children and taking photos.

Would you believe it...

Friday, November 7, 2014


Inventiveness, creativity, and life-long learning are critical for personal growth, leadership, and achievement. Realising the importance of innovation, we have been looking for ways to foster creativity and an inquisitive spirit in our children at Waitahuna School. Inspired by Google's "20% Time," wherein employees are encouraged to pursue something of high personal interest at work we have introduced Personal Learning Projects (PLP) into the Senior Room.  We will be sharing some of these projects in the following weeks.

Melee's project: Melee has a love of art and of animals.  It was easy to see what directions her project might take her.  Melee has used her talents to design 5 artworks that she has digitally made into gift cards that she is selling.  All proceeds from these limited edition cards will go to our local branch of the Cancer Society. 

We were very impressed with Melee's project and with her idea of donating any proceeds to such a worthy cause

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NZ Post - Active Post Cricket Coaching

Today Tim came to teach the whole school cricket skills as part of a programme sponsored by NZ Post.  He was very impressed with the children's focused attitude and listening skills - some fairly impressive cricket skills were displayed as well.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Our Dunedin Adventure

Today we travelled to Dunedin to a Capital-E production called 'Mr McGee and the biting flea'. The whole school went on the bus which was driven by Mrs Anderson.  

The drama was at the Fortune Theatre and when we got there we discovered that not only did we see 'Mr McGee and the biting flea' by Pamela Allen but also some of her other books including... Alexander's Outing, Mary Elizabeth's house and Brown Bread and Honey.  The actors were very talented and could sing, play instruments and act; they were very funny. 

We then went down to the Octagon and enjoyed our lunch in front of Robbie Burns (although it was a little nippy). After a look around a few other Dunedin landmarks it was back in the bus where the children entertained Mrs Anderson with their singing.

We would like to thank the PTA for the support of this trip which was a very enriching EOTC experience.

LAS Cross-country

What fantastic weather we had on Friday for our annual visit to Gabriel's Gully for the Lawrence Area School cross-country.  All the children competed well and put in a top effort.  Thanks to all the parents who took transport and watched the races.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Reading - We love it!

Great holiday reading Junior Room. Straight back into reading - with enthusiasm and skill!

If you can't see the slideshow on your ipad or tablet click the ling below:Reading reading

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Today at our First Aid course we were told about the dangers of button batteries for young children. We would like to share this to inform our parents and wider community, please feel free to share. Clare and Vicki.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


On Friday, the last day of term the children at Waitahuna School mucked in to clean-up Waitahuna.  They walked around the Waitahuna streets picking up rubbish and collecting it in bags.  They were provided disposable gloves and bags from the Council as part of initiative to 'Keep New Zealand Beautiful'. Thanks to the children for their excellent attitude and the obvious pride they take in our small town.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Election time in the Junior Room.

The Junior Room were asked... What would you do if you were the New Zealand Prime Minister?...

If you cannot see the above photos on you tablet or device, you are sadly missing out... please click the following link: PRIME MINISTER

Friday, September 19, 2014

Waitahuna School win the Milton Hockey Tournament

Today the Senior Room went to Milton to compete in their annual Hockey Tournament.  The children showed true grit and determination and won the tournament playing against Tokoiti for the final. Thanks to Jo and Jo for the transport and their positive support on the side-line.  Well done Waitahuna!

Thursday, September 18, 2014


A huge thank you to our local Waitahuna Fire Brigade for coming to Waitahuna School and talking to the children about fire safety.  This exciting afternoon concluded our Health Topic on Firewise and our Social Science topic on Volunteers in the Community. Thanks to the community members who helped us with these topics - we appreciate your help.
If you can't see the photos on your ipad or tablet click the link below:

Waitahuna School's Annual Kicking Competition

Fantastic conditions today for our Annual 'Rugby Ball Kicking Competition'. The conditions under foot were ideal and the sun shone while the children competed. Congratulations to Lochie 1st place, Jake, Cameron and Crede 2nd place (equal) and Kaitlin 1st girl.
If you can't see the photos on your ipad or tablet click the link below:
Kicking Comp

Friday, September 12, 2014

Dress like a Book Character day

As a finale to Book Week the children came to school dressed as their favourite book character. We also had a surprise visit from Kyle Mewburn who wrote many fantastic books such as 'Kiss, kiss,Yuck, Yuck, and 'Old Huhu'. Mr Mewburn showed us the process he goes through to write his books and also gave us some tips on where he finds his inspiration to write.
During book week we also had some parents, friends and Grandparents come into school to share their love of reading. Thanks to everyone who helped make a special Book Week at Waitahuna School.
If you can't see the photos on your ipad or tablet click the link below:

Did you know...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Waitahuna School Volunteering in the Community

On Thursday we decided to help the Cancer Society by volunteering. We made Rice Bubble Bars to sell on Daffodil Day. Mrs Blackmore made it a Technology Challenge. We had to work out how to package the Rice Bubble bars. Some children decided to make their own design others used paper craft to make labels. There were two flavours honey and chocolate .We got to try them and they were delicious. We decided to package the bars in packs of 6 so they would be good for school lunches. When we were finished they looked fantastic and the Year 6 pupils took them to the Daffodil Day stall in Lawrence.
By Melee, Zachary and Kaitlin

On Daffodil Day the year six kids at Waitahuna School went to Lawrence to volunteer to help the Cancer Society with their stall. Jake and Crede were working and Abby and Rebecca were mucking around. Jake sold biscuits and Crede collected the raffle money. Then we switched over and Abby took over Jake and Rebecca took over Crede. Jake had made chocolate brownies and the Waitahuna School made Rice Bubble bars.
By Jake

On Daffodil Day 2014 the year Six of Waitahuna School volunteered to help the Cancer Society stand in Lawrence.  Jake and Crede were doing work there.  Crede was gathering the raffle money and Jake was selling biscuits and counting up money.
By Crede

On Daffodil Day the year 6s of Waitahuna School went to Lawrence to the cancer society stall to volunteer. We were selling rice bars we made the day before; Jake was selling brownies that he made at home. 
When we got their Rebecca and Abby went shopping at the stall for the teachers while Jake and Crede helped out. Crede was at the raffle station while Jake was at the other end volunteering to sell baking. Then the boys and the girls swapped Rebecca went to the raffle and Abby went to the baking. 
Some people were buying bouquets of daffodils; there were lots of biscuits and daffodil soaps. There were lots of raffles there was a grocery hamper, A Big Teddy, Pillows and Blankets and also a Christmas cake. It was nice to feel useful and to be giving our time to a good cause.  
By Abby and Rebecca


In the Senior Room the children were asked to help make decorations for the Community Mid-Winter dinner. We thought this would fit in nicely with our unit on volunteering in the community.  Quite a bit of our art in the last few weeks has been based around a winter theme. Today the Year 5’s and 4’s made some massive snowflakes. First we got a piece of paper and folded it into half a square then cut the bottom piece off. After we had to fold the square into a triangle. Then we cut the three lines on the triangle and opened it. Then folded the middle and sticky taped it then turned it over and this time we folded it and stapled it. Later we did it with the other ones. We needed seven to make one big snowflake so it took a lot of team-work and co-operation. After we finished all four snowflakes, we took a photo.
By Ty, Hannah and Bryn

If you can't see the photos above on your tablet or I-pad, please use the links below:
Mid Winter decorations
Daffodil Day volunteering

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fantastic falcons

Today we had a couple of interesting visitors to the playground.  Two falcons arrived at playtime and the children had the opportunity to observe them.  The falcons were in no hurry to leave and the children took their story-writing books outside to describe them and sketch them.  

The falcons obviously felt no threat from the children and one tried to take the lunch from the other as we watched.  One falcon then continued to rip apart his prey as we watched.

The Junior Room have all taken home their falcon stories to read to their parents tonight.  Please ask your children about the interesting visitors to our school today, I am sure they will love to share the experience.

The falcon is eating. The falcon is eating a little bird. The feathers are dropping down from the trees like snowflakes. by Chase

The falcon is eating a bird. by Michael

This falcon was eating meat. Waitahuna School went to see the falcon.  The falcon was a big one. It was at the top of the tree in Waitahuna School by the playground.  I think it was awesome. by Lachie

Little white bird in the falcon's claw. by Elsie

The feathers were flying like snowflakes. by Abbie

The falcon is eating meat. by Nick

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nature Discovery

A quote to sum up these photos 

"Children are born naturalists. They explore the world with all of their senses, experiment in the environment!, and communicate their discoveries to those around them." Anon

This has been very true for the children bird-watching at Waitahuna School this week ... also for the children falling over in mud

Friday, August 1, 2014

Waitahuna Commonwealth Games 2014

We have had a lot going on at Waitahuna School these past two weeks involving friends, families and community. 

Today the children had a fun afternoon while participating in Waitahuna School's Commonwealth Games. It was great to see the laughs and co-operation of all the teams. 

The children had an Opening Ceremony which included a chant for each country, Australia, Ireland, Scotland and Canada. They then took part in the walking marathon around the block.  There was strong competition in the bowls and gymnastics, and the  drama of the weightlifting was priceless. 

If you cannot see the photos above on your ipad or device, click the link below:

Monday, July 28, 2014

Community Policing with Cody

Today Cody and Bill went for a drive to Lawrence to check out what was new and any changes that had happened over Winter. While there they had a meeting with Constable Wallace our local Constable.

"Where are the keys Constable Wallace?"

The new face of Community Policing

"Stop, Police"

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Carrots Galore

This week we have had a couple of very industrious workers in our garden. Hannah and Abby have been quietly beavering around in the school garden, removing the weeds, taking out the frosted vegetables and turning the soil. 

Today they provided a fantastic healthy snack for the whole school.  The girls dug, washed and cut the carrots and also provided red capsicum and pumpkin dip!  The children thought it was a great surprise and the teachers were very pleased with their initiative.  Well done Abby & Hannah.

If you cannot see the photos on your ipad or tablet, please click the link below: Carrots

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Our Dunedin Adventure

Yesterday the Waitahuna School pupils went on a school trip to The Early Settlers Museum (Toitu) and the Otago Museum.  Kim was our instructor at Otago Museum.  She took us to the StarLab.  We crawled through the tunnel in the dark, some people had torches because the light in StarLab wasn't going.  Kim taught us about the different constellations such as the upside down dog, she told us a story about Orion and the scorpion.  She also showed us how to find Matariki.  We were there for the morning and we also got to tell Kim all the things we now know about Space - she was quite surprised. 

Next we went to the Early Settlers Museum and had lunch.  Our first challenge was to work cooperatively to make a domino track - it was harder than we thought but lots of fun.  Later we went on an eye-spy challenge through the Museum and through this we got to see some very interesting displays.

Thanks to the Parents and Grandparents for accompanying us on our trip, we really enjoyed our day.
by Rebecca
If you cannot see the slide show on your tablet or ipad click the following link:
Dunedin Adventure 2014

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rippa Tournament

Today Waitahuna School had two teams competing in the Rippa Rugby Tournament at Balclutha.

The Year 3 & 4 team was coached by Dave and Grant and played hard on and off the field.

The Year 5 & 6 team was coached by Don and Jo and improved there skills as the tournament went on, hitting their straps in the last games.

Ms Johnstone, Miss Chapman and I have been really impressed to see the improvement in some individual children's ball skills during our Rippa sessions in PE.  

Congratulations to all the pupils for giving their best and to our parents for helping with coaching, reffing and transport.

If you can't see the slideshow above on your Ipad or tablet please click the link below:
Rippa Photo link

Monday, May 26, 2014

Term 2 News by Madaline

This term we are excited to see some new listening posts in the classrooms. They are very fun to listen to stories.  A listening post is a quiet way of reading a book. The book is recorded on a CD and you can read along with your book.

This term we have been learning about Space. Now we know much more about space than we used to.
Our sport this term is rippa rugby, we love rippa rugby.  We have been practising our rippa rigby skills outside.

The rain this week has been a big pain because we are not allowed to go outside as much.

We are pleased to welcome Zachary, Jackson, Jahnayah and Lihmar to Waitahuna School.
If you can't view the above slideshow on you ipad or tablet, please click the following https://picasaweb.google.com/100838619799771748068/May212014READING?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCLmRiar8yJ3_bw&feat=directlink

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Another milestone

Yes the Waitahuna School blog has had 30 000 hits!  Our first post was in September 2011 and was titled 'Visiting Mount Stuart Wind Farm'. 

Since then we have published over 125 separate articles sharing the exciting things we do at Waitahuna School. Our pupils are a large part of this blog with taking photos and writing information for our articles and also being the main motivation behind all our posts.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Critter Catch and Davey Hughes Fundraiser

If you can't see the slideshow above on you ipad, click the following link: 

Waitahuna Critter Catch

What a day!  Waitahuna School Community organised a wonderful fundraiser yesterday starting with the Children's Critter Catch and then finishing with 'A Night with Davey Hughes’.

The weather and setting was fantastic as the children gathered under the trees to weigh their bags of critters, some alive, some not.  The bags consisted of magpies, trout, geese, rabbits, hares, possums, wallaby, goats, deer, frogs, eels, yabbies’ and a rooster. (Please note not all of these were dead). The day highlighted the problems that we still have in our community with introduced pests and the problems these can cause to our native birds flora and fauna.

 The grounds buzzed as the children then took part in an obstacle course over tractor tyres and hay bales – the Dad’s made an excellent course, then their target skills were tested with paintball target shooting.  Sausage sizzle for lunch and the mobile coffee cart were appreciated by all.
With over 70 children registered for the Critter Catch the day was very successful for all and finished off with a lolly scramble from above from a helicopter and one lucky critter catcher getting a ride in the helicopter. 
After a very quick clean-up of the grounds by our team of helpers the focused then turned to Simpson Park Hall where we hosted A Night with Davey Hughes.

Over 250 people came to be entertained by Davey’s interesting stories of hunting escapades around the world.  Through this there were many stories of the conservation work Davey is involved with and also an insight for us all into the plight of some of the endangered species around the world.  The hall was an amazing sight itself with over 30 mounted heads displayed around the walls and the tables decorated with antlers and skins, a true credit to the supportive parents at Waitahuna School. The night wound up with a rustic wild food supper which was appreciated by all.

A tremendous thanks goes to the parents in our small school community for the time and effort they have put in to make a first class event.  Big things do come in small packages.  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Exciting News is finally out of the bag

They say good things take time and that has definitely been the case with Waitahuna Schools ‘Exciting News’.

This week we were presented with a Garden Grant from Rural Women New Zealand and Farmlands. We were fortunate to be one of the 10 schools selected nationally from 58 applicants to receive the $2000.00 grant. The children have plenty of ideas on how to spend the money and we look forward to updating you as our dreams become a reality.

Thanks to our local Rural Women members Margaret Healy and Raewyn Bray and Simon Walker our Farmlands Technical Field Officer for coming to school to make the presentation.

Rural Women NZ national president, Wendy McGowan, says “This is the fourth time Rural Women New Zealand and Farmlands have worked together to distribute the proceeds from the popular Farmlands Ladies Nights.”

“There’s a real focus in schools on children learning the value of eating fresh food and understanding where it comes from, and we’re very pleased to be able to support this, especially as we celebrate the UN International Year of Family Farming.”

Farmlands’ Events and Sponsorship Manager, Helen Shrewsbury says “Farmlands is proud to continue its support of Rural Women New Zealand and the rural school garden grants. As a rural co-operative, it just makes sense for us to support the schools that make up the hubs of the rural communities we service.”

The Last of the Summer Harvest

If you can't see the slideshow above on your ipad try the following link: 
The Last of the Summer Harvest

On the last day of school we celebrated our successful gardening season by cooking a cooperative lunch. The children were put into two mixed aged teams where they made Capsicum Pasta with Ms Johnstone and Apple Crumble with Mrs Blackmore.
We are very impressed with the skills the children are showing through these cooperative tasks. The children are also taking pride in the produce we are getting from our garden and appreciating the shared meals we can create. 

Please feel free to come and get some apples from our tree over the school holiday period - we would love to hear what you create!

Bubble Science in the Junior Room

If you can't see the slideshow above on your ipad, try the link below: 
Bubble Science
What we learnt.

A bubble has a thin tight skin.  Anything that has air inside it can be called a bubble, like a soap bubble, a balloon, a canoe, an aeroplane and a submarine.

A soap bubble has a thin skin and we can blow them up with air. They are light and can float. You can blow a bubble with a straw
A balloon is too strong to burst with your finger but a soap bubble is not that strong. If you touch a bubble when your hands are wet it will not pop. If you have dry hands the bubble will pop. If a bubble dries out it will pop. If the bubble touches something sharp it will pop. Sometimes they land on the grass and they do not pop straight away.

A few days ago the Junior Room went outside to blow bubbles. They looked at all the different sizes. There were lots. Bubbles are shaped like spheres always round and shaped like a ball. Sometimes when they hit another bubble the shape may change.

Bubbles are rainbow colours and shiny. They look good especially in the sun.

Report by Madaline and Lochie (with help from their classmates)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Real Art Roadshow

If you can't see the slideshow above on your Ipad, try the link below:

Recently Waitahuna School was invited to Lawrence Area School to visit the Real Art Roadshow.  This experience opened the children's eyes to many talented artists works from around New Zealand.  The children enjoyed viewing the art and critiquing their favourite and not so favourite works.  If you have time take a look at the link below to learn more about this amazing travelling Art Gallery.REAL ART ROADSHOW

Friday, April 4, 2014

Introducing Grace

We would like to introduce you to Grace. Grace is our latest venture to compliment our school gardening and sustainability project. Grace is a pig who lives in Waitahuna that the children are helping to feed.  

The children collect up their food scraps in Grace's green bucket and one of our Senior students takes the food to Grace.  As you can see Grace is very appreciative of the pupils efforts.

Our visit to LAS for STRIKE Percussion

Today we travelled to Lawrence Area School to see the a musical group called Strike Percussion.  We were amazed at the talent that the group of 3 percussionists displayed.  We were wowed and amazed by their performance, please ask your children to tell you about the photos below. 

Thank you to Lawrence Area School for the invitation and to Mrs Fox for taking us up in the bus.(click below to see a glimpse of Strike in action)

Science ~ Simple Machines

During Science the Senior Room has been studying Simple Machines.  We have learnt about levers, ramps, wedges, axles and pulleys.  While learning about wheels and axles the children made simple cars with axles.  It took a bit of trial and error to get the vehicles to move.  The next activity was to race them down an inclined plane!

Art Topic ~ Pablo Picasso

In our recent Art unit we have been learning about the life and works of Pablo Picasso.  We have learnt that his art changed a lot over his life and it was divided into three stages known as: the blue stage (1901-1904), the rose stage (1905-1907), the African inspired stage (1908-1909), the analytic cubism (1909-1912), the synthetic cubism (1912-1919).
As a whole school art lesson we have been painting, using his works for our inspiration. If you would like to view our gallery please contact the school.
If you can't see the following slideshow on you ipad, try the link below:
Picasso Art

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Super week of Sport at Waitahuna

We have had a couple of busy weeks at Waitahuna School.  Last Wednesday Lawrence Area School joined us for the annual Swimming Carnival, then on Friday the Senior Room travelled to Lawrence to join Lawrence Area School for their swimming sports.  

This Wednesday we travelled to Balclutha for the Small Schools Athletic Sports. Congratulations to the children who will represent us at South Otago Athletics on Monday. 

We hope you enjoy viewing some photos from these events taken by our Senior Room photographers - a very talented bunch in sport and photography!
If you can't see the slideshow below on your ipad, try the following link:
Small Schools Athletics
Swimming Carnival

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Waitahuna pupil on the ball

This week Waitahuna School was very proud to have Madaline Homer as the ball runner for the Highlanders first match of the session.  Madaline took everything in her stride as she ran onto the field and placed the ball on the halfway line in front of approximately 16 000 fans. Great work Madaline!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

'Measuring' Up in the Junior Room

The Junior Room have definitely been measuring up this week.  Miss Chapman has provided an exciting programme which challenged the children to think and inquire especially with their math topic of measurement. Their Art unit focused on the sports at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.
If you can't see the slideshow below on your ipad, please click the link below:
Measuring Up

Friday, February 21, 2014

Waitahuna School News

Click on the image above to view our news
The Senior Room has been having lots of fun learning about their new Science Topic.  Click the image above to see what they have been up to.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

School re-starts Monday 3rd February

One more week of quality time with your children before Waitahuna School re-starts on Monday 3rd of February. 
Hopefully the weather warms up. Could all children please bring their togs to school everyday. 
Any enrolment enquiries please phone 4859 875

Ms Johnstone and Mrs Blackmore

Friday, January 10, 2014

Thanks Tui and Mitre 10 Mega

Recently Cameron went to Dunedin to collect some seed-raising mix for the school garden.  The seed-mix was generously sponsored by Tui Garden products and the staff at Mitre 10 Mega were very helpful when Cameron collected it. A special thank you to Derek Oldfield the Garden Team Leader at Mitre 10 Mega Dunedin.