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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bubble Science in the Junior Room

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Bubble Science
What we learnt.

A bubble has a thin tight skin.  Anything that has air inside it can be called a bubble, like a soap bubble, a balloon, a canoe, an aeroplane and a submarine.

A soap bubble has a thin skin and we can blow them up with air. They are light and can float. You can blow a bubble with a straw
A balloon is too strong to burst with your finger but a soap bubble is not that strong. If you touch a bubble when your hands are wet it will not pop. If you have dry hands the bubble will pop. If a bubble dries out it will pop. If the bubble touches something sharp it will pop. Sometimes they land on the grass and they do not pop straight away.

A few days ago the Junior Room went outside to blow bubbles. They looked at all the different sizes. There were lots. Bubbles are shaped like spheres always round and shaped like a ball. Sometimes when they hit another bubble the shape may change.

Bubbles are rainbow colours and shiny. They look good especially in the sun.

Report by Madaline and Lochie (with help from their classmates)

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