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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fantastic falcons

Today we had a couple of interesting visitors to the playground.  Two falcons arrived at playtime and the children had the opportunity to observe them.  The falcons were in no hurry to leave and the children took their story-writing books outside to describe them and sketch them.  

The falcons obviously felt no threat from the children and one tried to take the lunch from the other as we watched.  One falcon then continued to rip apart his prey as we watched.

The Junior Room have all taken home their falcon stories to read to their parents tonight.  Please ask your children about the interesting visitors to our school today, I am sure they will love to share the experience.

The falcon is eating. The falcon is eating a little bird. The feathers are dropping down from the trees like snowflakes. by Chase

The falcon is eating a bird. by Michael

This falcon was eating meat. Waitahuna School went to see the falcon.  The falcon was a big one. It was at the top of the tree in Waitahuna School by the playground.  I think it was awesome. by Lachie

Little white bird in the falcon's claw. by Elsie

The feathers were flying like snowflakes. by Abbie

The falcon is eating meat. by Nick


Anonymous said...

Great find Waitahuna school I really enjoyed the feathers falling like snow flakes I saw the Thrush bird getting munched on!!!By Crede Holgate

Anonymous said...

Ty, Crede and I found them first I new straight away it was a falcon.
from Melee Dowle

Anonymous said...

It was awesome when I saw it, that was the first time I've ever seen one! By Ty [:

Anonymous said...

It was a very fun experience. We didn't relise that the biggest falcon was eating... that explained why it was so still on the branch. by Rebecca Benington

Anonymous said...

It was like snow falling but it was the dead birds feathers.By Kaitlin O'Neill

Peta said...

How utterly fantastic and special! Wow!! And you were so close up!! I have never seen these birds in real life. You got to see Karearea devouring their kill too.
Awesome opportunity - and right at school!

- Peta Dowle

Anonymous said...

awesome birds to watch all right. Great stories

Anonymous said...

I was not very happy that I could not watch the falcon by Jake Heslop

Anonymous said...

Yes Jake, but you were away being busy and running in the Cross Country, representing our school. You cannot be in two places at once!
Ms Johnstone

Anonymous said...

What lucky kids to see NZ falcons feeding in the school grounds. We have them around Waihola also . I saw one chasing a pigeon, it flew into a window {the pigeon} but recovered and escaped .
A couple dive bombed my dog whilst we were out walking, they must have had a nest nearby.
Mr D

Anonymous said...

This is amazing. I have never seen a NZ Falcon and here at your school you saw two and one of them feeding on a thrush. They seemed quite happy to just hang around the school. Great photos Clare.
Love Val Goss