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Friday, August 29, 2014

Waitahuna School Volunteering in the Community

On Thursday we decided to help the Cancer Society by volunteering. We made Rice Bubble Bars to sell on Daffodil Day. Mrs Blackmore made it a Technology Challenge. We had to work out how to package the Rice Bubble bars. Some children decided to make their own design others used paper craft to make labels. There were two flavours honey and chocolate .We got to try them and they were delicious. We decided to package the bars in packs of 6 so they would be good for school lunches. When we were finished they looked fantastic and the Year 6 pupils took them to the Daffodil Day stall in Lawrence.
By Melee, Zachary and Kaitlin

On Daffodil Day the year six kids at Waitahuna School went to Lawrence to volunteer to help the Cancer Society with their stall. Jake and Crede were working and Abby and Rebecca were mucking around. Jake sold biscuits and Crede collected the raffle money. Then we switched over and Abby took over Jake and Rebecca took over Crede. Jake had made chocolate brownies and the Waitahuna School made Rice Bubble bars.
By Jake

On Daffodil Day 2014 the year Six of Waitahuna School volunteered to help the Cancer Society stand in Lawrence.  Jake and Crede were doing work there.  Crede was gathering the raffle money and Jake was selling biscuits and counting up money.
By Crede

On Daffodil Day the year 6s of Waitahuna School went to Lawrence to the cancer society stall to volunteer. We were selling rice bars we made the day before; Jake was selling brownies that he made at home. 
When we got their Rebecca and Abby went shopping at the stall for the teachers while Jake and Crede helped out. Crede was at the raffle station while Jake was at the other end volunteering to sell baking. Then the boys and the girls swapped Rebecca went to the raffle and Abby went to the baking. 
Some people were buying bouquets of daffodils; there were lots of biscuits and daffodil soaps. There were lots of raffles there was a grocery hamper, A Big Teddy, Pillows and Blankets and also a Christmas cake. It was nice to feel useful and to be giving our time to a good cause.  
By Abby and Rebecca


In the Senior Room the children were asked to help make decorations for the Community Mid-Winter dinner. We thought this would fit in nicely with our unit on volunteering in the community.  Quite a bit of our art in the last few weeks has been based around a winter theme. Today the Year 5’s and 4’s made some massive snowflakes. First we got a piece of paper and folded it into half a square then cut the bottom piece off. After we had to fold the square into a triangle. Then we cut the three lines on the triangle and opened it. Then folded the middle and sticky taped it then turned it over and this time we folded it and stapled it. Later we did it with the other ones. We needed seven to make one big snowflake so it took a lot of team-work and co-operation. After we finished all four snowflakes, we took a photo.
By Ty, Hannah and Bryn

If you can't see the photos above on your tablet or I-pad, please use the links below:
Mid Winter decorations
Daffodil Day volunteering


Anonymous said...

Its was pretty easy helping the Cancer Society lady's

Anonymous said...

I wish I was there but I was sick by

Anonymous said...

Nice work at the stall Crede, Abby, Rebbeca and Jake and the snowflakes are awesome.

Abby Bugden said...

They look amazing. Everyone will love them at the midwinter get together.

Anonymous said...

Great work year 5 and 4. I loved the look of the snow flakes. Great work. By Jake Heslop

Anonymous said...

I think the ladies enjoyed having the help of the Year 6's on the Daffodil Day stall. by Hannah

Anonymous said...

It was lots of fun making the snowflakes for the Community get-together, by Melee Dowle

Anonymous said...

The rice bubble bars look yum by Hannah

Miss Mone said...

Thank you all SO MUCH! They look brilliant and I can't wait for you to see them up tomorrow night. A sterling job - thanks kids! Simone :)

Anonymous said...

What busy kids you all are! I think the snow flakes are fantastic. Mr D.