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Friday, November 7, 2014


Inventiveness, creativity, and life-long learning are critical for personal growth, leadership, and achievement. Realising the importance of innovation, we have been looking for ways to foster creativity and an inquisitive spirit in our children at Waitahuna School. Inspired by Google's "20% Time," wherein employees are encouraged to pursue something of high personal interest at work we have introduced Personal Learning Projects (PLP) into the Senior Room.  We will be sharing some of these projects in the following weeks.

Melee's project: Melee has a love of art and of animals.  It was easy to see what directions her project might take her.  Melee has used her talents to design 5 artworks that she has digitally made into gift cards that she is selling.  All proceeds from these limited edition cards will go to our local branch of the Cancer Society. 

We were very impressed with Melee's project and with her idea of donating any proceeds to such a worthy cause


A by Bugden said...

Melee your cards look amazing. I can tell you have worked very hard on this P.L.P.


Anonymous said...

Nice work Melee like your cats By Bryn Holgate