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Thursday, December 31, 2015

We Remember - Mrs Crump

This week Waitahuna School has lost a past pupil, past parent, past Grand-parent and special friend of the school. In our small school Mrs Crump was an identity that we all knew and loved. She was the special lady behind the 'Soup and Savs' for many and more recently she was always at the top of the Invite List for all celebrations at Waitahuna School. 
We hope you enjoy listening to the interview that the children made earlier this year which gave us all an insight into her life in Waitahuna.     Mrs Crump's Interview  (The rest of the interviews are on a tab at the top of our blog.)

Remembered with love Mrs Crump 1925-2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Today was the last day at Waitahuna School for 2015. We decided to do a little Kitchen Chemistry. First we made a pavlova... one with an electric mixer and one by hand! Challenge Number One was to separate the egg whites from the yolk - we hope you enjoy the video on how we did this.
An egg white is about 90% water and 10% protein. 
~The egg-white proteins are long chains of amino acids that fold and curl into more or less spherical tangles. ~When you beat an egg white, theseproteins uncurl and stretch out.
~As you beat the egg whites, you also whip bubbles into the mixture.
~The water molecules and egg-white proteins bump around, fighting for position...
...But after all that Science the most important thing was the taste test and it was delicious.
We also went to visit a few 'special locals' to drop off our Christmas baking and sing Christmas carols.

Click the link to see our EGG SEPARATION VIDEO:

Monday, December 14, 2015

Presentation Day at Waitahuna School

Today was presentation day at Waitahuna School. Mrs Roughan from our local branch of the Cancer Society came to present Waitahuna School with a certificate for our support at Daffodil Day. Melee received the  certificate on behalf of us all and a special mention was made of Melee's own personal fundraising with her gift cards.
We also had two medals to present from 'Reading Eggs'. These were awarded to Lachie and Madaline. We are both amazed at the progress that the children have all made with the Reading Eggs programme.  Remember to keep up the great progress over the holidays to prevent the Summer Slide.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Last Week of School...

End of Year Production: Bad Jelly the Witch

Wow what a performance! The Waitahuna Hall was packed tonight for Waitahuna School's performance of 'Bad Jelly the Witch'. The children were amazing with their singing, dancing and acting. Congratulations for an awesome performance.
We must also mention the sterling job our year 6's made presenting their Leavers speeches. To stand up in front of a packed hall and confidently share their memories of their Watahuna School journey made us all extremely proud. Well done Hannah, Baylee, Melee and Ty you were stars.

Thanks Southfuels

Thanks Southfuels for your generous sponsorship of rural schools, also a huge thanks to our Southfuel clients in the Waitahuna area.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Beach Education 2015

Today we escaped the Waitahuna wind to a sunny day in Kaka Point. The children spent the day with Charlotte and Sophie teaching them the key aspects of Beach Education.

It is rewarding for Teachers and Parents alike to hear the knowledge that the children build on with every visit, from the New Entrants learning for the first time to the Years 6's now being confident with their knowledge of surf and safety. 

The sun shone as we enjoyed the surf, swimming between the flags. 

As a rural community with the Waitahuna River a big part of all our children's lives we must all continue to educate and inform them about the dangers while also showing them the fun-times that can be enjoyed in the water.

Vicki and Clare

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Waiwera South Quadrathon 2015

We are very proud of the Senior Room who competed in the Waiwera South Quadrathon today.
The day was very hot but the team of Ty, Hannah, Kaitlin and Paige gave it their best in every leg of the race.
We were especially proud at the determination of our two Year 4 pupils who competed in the individual event! - Great work Nate and Madaline on an amazing feat.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Waitahuna School's City Theatre Experience

Today Waitahuna School went to Dunedin to a live performance by the Wellington Theatre Company Capital E.

The children thoroughly enjoyed watching their rendition on 'Kiwi Moon' based on a book by New Zealand author Gavin Bishop. The story had underlying ideas woven through it regarding early New Zealand history and it was interesting to talk to the children afterwards and see the understanding they had of it. Please ask your child/children about the production.

Afterwards we went to the 'Dinosaur Park' and had lunch before travelling back to school.

A huge thank you to Val and Ally for accompanying us to Dunedin on our Theatre Experience.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Planting at Bellview Gardens 2015

As part of our sustainability focus today we attended the Annual tree planting at Bellview Gardens. We were well looked after by Mr Furness who took us on an informative tour of the gardens looking at the trees we planted in 2014.
We also found a lot of seedlings growing in the sub-canopy and potted 112 native seedlings including coprosma, pittosporum, broadleaf, flax and toi toi.
Next step was lunch at the Vintage club before trout fishing in the Bellview pond.
Thanks to Stevie for another great learning filled experience.

Monday, November 2, 2015

DRIVEWAY SAFETY at Waitahuna School

Today we were fortunate to have Sue from Safekids come and talk to us about driveway safety. 
Some Playgroup families also came and helped to demonstrate how hard it is to see children behind you when you are backing a vehicle.  
We were shocked that  it took up to 20 metres to see preschoolers standing behind their cars.
These are some of the key points :
5 children are killed each year in NZ driveways
20 children a year, or 1 each fortnight are admitted to hospital
Most children injured are toddlers aged two years.

CHECK: for children before driving off.
SUPERVISE: children around vehicles - always
SEPARATE: children from driveway

Please be vigilant around our school gate when collecting and dropping off children.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fantastic Falcons

Mrs Blackmore had some exciting PD last week when she went to WingSpan to learn about their role in rehabilitating birds of prey for release. While there she learnt many facts the most interesting one being that there are less NZ falcons than kiwi! She also brought back a copy of the 'WingSpan' magazine which had a feature of the falcons that visited Waitahuna School. If you would like to know more about Wingspan and the vital work they do take a look at their website.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Waitahuna School Pet Day 2015

Thanks to all the parents and community members who attended our Pet Day, another fabulous community event with over 70 locals enjoying the fun day. The weather was brilliant and the children and pets enjoyed the games and activities.

A huge thank you to the friends of our school who helped with the judging.

There was a big surprise when two Police vehicles pulled up. Alan and Elise from the NZ Police Dog Section came to speak to the children about their role in the community. The children and parents were in awe of the display from this dedicated team of two handlers and three dogs.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Shake-Out at Waitahuna School

Today we took part in the New Zealand Shake Out.  We discussed ideas of how we would stay safe if an earthquake happens and then we practised by 'Stop, drop and holding' under our desks.

We had a special visitor who popped in to stay safe with us! Thanks to Jane the NZ Post Rural delivery lady who came in at 9.15 and took part... apologies if the mail was a little late in Waitahuna.

Parents please discuss safety strategies for your own family tonight so the children know what to do if and earthquake hits.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Fabrics and Fibres Art

We have been very busy with our 'Fabrics and Fibres' Art unit this term.  Today the children put the finishing touches on their master pieces and were able to take them home to show their families.  We hope they are all sitting pride of place in your living rooms tonight.

News from the ERO team

To our friends of the school who don't live in the district, we thought you might like to see our news from this week... just click on the image above.  Our ERO Report can be read in full at the link below...
Waitahuna School's 2015 ERO Report

Friday, September 18, 2015

Science Topic - Keeping Warm at Waitahuna School

We have had a busy week of Science Investigations at Waitahuna School.
The Junior Room discussed how animals keep warm with a special focus on Antarctic animals. Their scientific investigation was based on one question… ‘Does a penguin stay warm in a huddle?’ The children had some penguins (mugs filled with hot water) which they had in a huddle and one lonely penguin who had no company. Temperatures were monitored and it was discovered that penguins are very wise when they huddle together to keep warm. We also discussed how many of our ewes are doing the same at the moment during lambing.

The Senior Room has been testing the thermal qualities of materials.
What we did:
We had 13 cups the same size. One cup was our control which had no thermal covering.
We tried to put exactly the same temperature water in the cups, unfortunately we had to re-boil the jug and 4 cups couldn’t be counted as their water was hotter than the rest.
One other cups was not included in the investigation because it was found to have a crack in it!
Some of the materials we used in our experiment were: lambskin, leather, bubble-wrap, gladwrap, newspaper, towelling, a sock, sheep wool, eski fabric and a wheat bag.
What we found:
Of what we tested the worse thermal qualities were from leather followed by the wheat bag and bubble-wrap. The best thermal qualities were from the wool, sock and the eski.
There were 4 ½ degrees difference between the best insulator (wool) and the worst insulator (leather)
Therefore we think:
We think that wool is the best insulator at keeping things warm. (Please remember this when buying your socks and support the sheep-farmers) We discussed the poor qualities of the leather and decided that it was used as a material to protect our feet not to insulate it, (that is why we wear socks in our shoes). We also discovered that scientific investigations can be quite difficult as you have to make a fair test and treat every sample the same but with changing one thing.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Onion Soup

Today Lachie, Elsie and Tyler made onion soup for the class.  They had been reading a story about Mrs Brown who grew enormous onions and used them as a secret weapon to scare away the burglars.
Elsie brought the onions and chopped them up.  Tyler and Lachie melted the butter and stirred.They added butter and Vegemite and lemon pepper!  It is good to have a fireplace in the class for cooking!
All the class had a taste and almost everyone really liked the soup. Some people even had three helpings.
Thanks Lachie, Elsie and Tyler.  Good job.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Waitahuna Gully Goldmining 2015

Waitahuna students have been learning about how people lived in Waitahuna in the past.
The Juniors have found out about the early miners so we were excited when we were visited by  Alan to tell the children about his current plans for goldmining in Waitahuna Gully.

Alan had many interesting facts about gold and gold mining to share.
Did you know?
Magnets pick up rust and leave gold
Gold is heavier than everything else in the gold pan
An ounce of gold can be flattened so that it will cover 17 square meters.
Gold is an element metal
Gold is used in cellphones, medicine and jewellery

Alan showed us a tube with pieces of gold in it. This gold was from the West Coast and was nuggets.
The gold in Waitahuna is alluvial and usually much smaller pieces.

Alan shared some pictures of Waitahuna Gully from the olden days. He told us that the gold is found in an old river bed - which was formed around 40 million years ago. The rock is conglomerate and they are even finding pieces of jasper. Cameron was lucky to keep a small piece of jasper. Beth's conglomerate rock that she found in the river might have gold in it!

Nowadays the mining will be easier as instead of picks and shovels the miners will use diggers. The miners have dug  test holes  and found gold so are hoping to find enough gold to mine for a few years. The miners need to be careful that the diggers do not get stuck in the mud.

First they have had to chop the trees down and then dig ponds to collect water. When they have finished mining they will replant the trees. Today the miners are much more careful than the early miners and they will not mess up the river or destroy old stuff.

In the summer when it is drier Alan has invited the school up to have a closer look. We are looking forward to that. Waitahuna Gully is in for a change!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Daffodil Day

Today we celebrated Daffodil Day at Waitahuna School. The children collected donations for the coin trail and the Year 6 pupils went to Lawrence to help on the stall.
A special mention must go to Melee who has been working on her (PLP) Personal Learning project where she created art works and digitally reproduced them into gift cards, with all funds going to our local Cancer Support group. Melee raised $64 through this project and as you can imagine we are very proud of her initiative.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Good luck to our Cross-country representatives

Good luck to our runners competing as part of the Small School’s Team at the South Otago Cross Country tomorrow:
Nate: Year 4 boys, Paige: Year 4 girls, Elsie: Year 3 girls.            

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Small Schools Cross-country - Clinton

Congratulations to all our pupils who represented Waitahuna School at the Small Schools Cross-country at Clinton.  The team we fielded was low on numbers with 25% of the school away sick. We know that the children who did not compete trained hard and would have been disappointed to miss the races. "Ms Johnstone was also really sorry to miss the day."

A reminder if your children are unwell please keep them at home to recuperate. (If you can't view the photos on your tablet or ipad click the link below: Small Schools Cross country - Clinton

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Clued Up Kids - Farm Safety Workshop (Year 6 Report)

On Wednesday the Year 6 children from the Senior Room went to Balclutha for a Farm Safety Course at the Cross Recreation Centre.

At the Bike helmet safety check the first thing we checked for was scratches and dents at the top of our helmets. Next we checked that there was a V under our ears with the straps. After we checked the straps under our chins to make sure that our helmets would stay on but we can still open our mouths wide.  (Kaitlin) 

After the helmet check we went to the Bike Safety and learnt how to do hand signals when we were going around a small track. (Kaitlin)

On the third activity we went to Water Safety. We learnt how to put on a life jacket and how to make it fit. We then went in the BP Surf Rescue boat to see what it was like. We were also told to be safe and swim in between the red and yellow flags. The life guards told us that when a wave comes they all have to go to the front of the boat to get through the wave otherwise the boat would flip and sometimes a life guard just swim out to get the person in trouble with a floating device and then pulls them in. (Baylee)

At the St John’s session we learnt how to stop bleeding. Selwyn the instructor asked Melee as a volunteer. He put fake blood on Melee’s leg and we had to stop it bleeding. Hannah put on a cloth pad. I wrapped a pressure bandage on her leg to stop the blood. Ty got a phone to ring 111 but we didn't need too. (Bryn)

 After St John, we went onto Gun Safety. We learnt what an Arms Code is, what different guns are for and the golden rule, ‘If you don’t own it, don’t touch it’. We also saw what a simple bullet can do to a water filled container. (Ty)

Then we did Dog Safety, there were some pictures of dogs and we looked at how they’re feeling. The lady who was teaching us about dogs told us ‘if you see a dog on its own leave it alone’, she also showed us a picture of a baby lifting the dogs mouth it looked cute, but the dog was not enjoying it. After all that she let us pat her a dog. (Melee)

In the Fire Safety session we went in pairs of two. We went in a dark creepy blow up tunnel. It was about ‘Get down, Get low Get out, FAST!’ and  you never leave out the fast! We learnt a rhyme which goes like this “keep a metre from the heater”. (Hannah)

Another session we did was with Grant from Farmsafe. He taught us about quad bike safety. We got to pump and check the tyres on a quad bike. Two tyres were not 5 p.s.i. so we pumped them up. With a quad bike it is always safe to wear a helmet in case you fall off. You have to be over 16 to ride a quad bike. (Bryn)

After Quad Bike safety, we went onto Civil Defence. Brendon taught us about natural disasters and what to do when it happens. We learnt about earthquakes and to drop, cover, hold. We also had two goes on an Earthquake Simulator. (Ty)

Lastly we did Relax Kids, there were some sandwiches to eat. Then we got into a circle and learned about parts of your brain. The lady there said if you imagine vines around your feet so you can’t move. Then move your finger around your other fingers as you breathe and that should calm down. (Melee)

We really enjoyed the clued up kids afternoon and at the end we got a bag with some goodies in it. We also made a few friends from Waihola School. It was fun going with the year 6’s and Kaitlin.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Term 3 - We are back and learning

Term 3 has started with a bang! Our water tank in the ceiling of our school had trouble coping with our -9 frost and burst in the ceiling.  This created quite a bit of upheaval in the middle of the holidays and the children were greeted on the first day by a couple of huge drying machines that sounded like dinosaurs in our Junior block. The process of fixing this is underway and we have had quite a few tradesmen into school this week to help us.

The children have arrived back happy and keen to work. We have been pleased to see the number of children who took part in the 'Holiday Reading Challenge'.

The Junior Room is preparing to start their exploration of who used to live in Waitahuna Gully.  The Senior Room is continuing their Oral History Unit and look forward to the next step of interviewing some of our local residents to find out and record their memories of 'our place' - Waitahuna.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Holiday Reading Programme - July

We hope the Waitahuna School Holiday Reading Programme is in full swing. Remember pick up a book and read! You can read anywhere - in a box, in a blanket fort, under the table or curled up near the fire on a cold rainy day. 
We would love to see a photo of where you are doing your reading! 

From Ms Johnstone and Mrs Blackmore

Monday, June 29, 2015

Junior Geologists

Before we started being geologists we wanted to know…
How do rocks get layers inside them?
Where do the colours in rocks come from?
How are rocks made?
Do different places have the same rocks or are they different?
Are some rocks harder or stronger than others? Which ones?

The things we found out were….
Rocks are different colours
Rocks are usually hard.
Rocks can be used to build houses.
Some rocks are easy to break –like mudstone
Sedimentary rocks are easy to break.
Sedimentary rocks are made of layers.
Rocks are different types-sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous.
Granite is very hard-so hard it is hard for a power drill to drill into it.
Granite can be used for statues and flash buildings
Granite is an igneous rock.
Metamorphic rocks are really hard.
Diamonds are the hardest-we think!
In Africa sandstone is used to make houses.
Bricks can be made of stone –all different types of stones.(sometimes bricks are made of clay)
I wonder how you make bricks…
Rocks take millions of years to make.
However if a volcano erupts and the lava cools quickly that is a new rock in record time.
Pumice is an igneous rock because it comes from a volcano.
Pumice is a special rock because it is so light it can float.
Diamonds come from carbon which has been changed by pressure and heat.
Pumice is made when the lava from a volcano erupts and the lava hits the water and cools down very fast.
If a rock has been in the water for a long time it can get really smooth.
Marble is made from limestone when a lot of heat and pressure has been put on it for millions of years.
Some rocks are rocky.
Some rocks are made pout of bits of other rocks.
Some rocks have crystals in them and sparkle.
The world is made of rocks!!!
The earth’s crust is made out of rocks!
You cannot count all the rocks in the world.
Some famous carvings are made from rocks –marble is good for carving.
Some rocks are used to make jewellery –diamonds, ruby, emerald, sapphire, opals and lots of others.
In New Zealand pounamu (greenstone) is carved into lots of things.

Our rock reports:

Pumice is white and you only find it at the beach or near a lake. If you find pumice bring it home with you and do not lose it. When you go to the North Island you should find some pumice. And if you do you will be lucky.

My rock might be conglomerate. It has rocks in it. It was in the river. My rock is big and rough.  It is heavy. 

My rock is pink and grey, it is metamorphic. A metamorphic rock is an igneous or sedimentary rock that has been changed into a metamorphic rock from heat and pressure.
Rocks come in all shapes and sizes. My rock is from the Millennium Track at Clutha River by the Beaumont Bridge. My rock is very hard. It might be piemontite schist.
The Waitahuna Junior class is writing about rocks.


Senior Room Technology Project - Hot Bread lunch

Technological Practice - Hot Bread Lunch - Part One
1. At Waitahuna School we are very lucky as we can have heated lunch everyday. We wanted more ideas of what we could make.
2. We surveyed what people had at school and the most popular were toasties and hot dogs followed by others.
3. We researched on the computer the different options we could make and made a hot bread lunch poster.
4. We made a Planning sheet on what we were going to make. Ty and Paige made pizza buns, Hannah and Bryn made savoury swirls, Madaline made bread case savouries, Melee made mouse-traps, Nate made French-toast and Baylee made pancakes and Kaitlin made corn fritters.
5. We had to decide on our recipe, the ingredients and the utensils we need.
6. Then came 'Test Kitchen Day'. It was challenging cooking by ourselves. We also had to have all the dishes ready by lunch time.
7. We sampled and judged all the dishes.
8. We had to judge on smell, taste, portion size and whether it was easy to eat for a five year old. It was fun sampling all the dishes.
9. It was hard to decide the winner as they were all so good. Bryn’s savoury swirls, Kaitlin’s fritters and Baylee’s pancake were judged very high, but a wee bit difficult to make a lot of. We therefore decided to make Melee’s mouse traps for the whole school lunch day.

Technological Practice - Hot Bread Lunch - Part Two
1.After we had decided to make mouse traps we had a competition to design an order form on the computer. Bryn won the competition but every-ones was good. Bryn’s got to go home with the children.
2. Then we collected the order forms to see how many mouse-traps we needed to make, we needed to make 40 toasties.
3. Next we put the mouse-traps order forms into categories the options were ‘the works’ which were bacon, tomato, onion and all had bread and cheese. An other option was onion, onion and tomato, bacon and onion or bacon and tomato.
4. Then we found out how many works we needed there were 23,
1 onion, 2 bacon and onion, 4 bacon and tomato and 9 bacon.
5. We all had jobs during this project Mads and Paige were grating the cheese and Paige cut the tomato as well, Baylee and Nate cut the onion and fried it. Hannah and Kaitlin were buttering bread and Bryn and Ty were cutting the bacon and frying it.
6. It was challenging to cook it in time for lunch. We only had 90 minutes and four people were watching the mouse-traps to check they didn’t over-cook.
7. Hannah and Kaitlin were setting up the serviettes and they wrote the kind or mouse trap on the serviette, so we didn’t mix the orders up.
8. We laid the mouse-traps out on the correct serviettes and Hannah made a sign saying ‘Welcome’
9. The Senior Room gave out the mouse-trap orders to the Juniors and the staff and then the Senior room had theirs.
10. Our Hot Bread lunch Technology Project was interesting but very challenging. We had to make lots of decisions and follow a process to make our project successful.

Report written by the Senior Room pupils.
If you can't view the slideshow on your tablet or device, click the link below: Technology - Hot Bread lunch

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bad Hair Day Art

Recently during Art we have been focusing on 'Line'. We have been using our visual diaries to experiment with line and texture through doodles and zentangle drawings. The children brought all this learning together with their 'Bad Hair Day' art inspired by the song they have been singing this term. If you want to see the original art-work it will be on display in the senior room.
If you can't view the slide show on your tablet or ipad, use the following link:Bad Hair Day Art

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ruby and Leeann part of the Literacy team

Today we would like to introduce one of the more exciting members of the Waitahuna School team.
Ruby the labrador comes to school most days to listen to the children read. She loves to sit at their feet and simply listen. She doesn't complain and always enjoys a pat and a friendly chat. She also brings Leeann and luckily she also likes to listen. They are a great team and we know we are very lucky to have them visit.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Flooding of the Waitahuna River 2015

Senior Room Report on the 2015 Waitahuna River Flood
Yesterday at Waitahuna School there was some wild weather. It bucketed down all day so we couldn’t go outside.  But worse was to come. 

When we all left school we noticed that the Waitahuna River, below the bridge was creeping up. Then when we got home we saw some fences under water.

Some families kept updated by looking at the Otago Regional Council website.  This site shows the river flows and tells farmers and locals about the flooding risk.  The Waitahuna River’s flow is measured at Tweed’s bridge near the Collie club.

Today at school we learnt that water was measured in cumecs.  First we constructed a 1 metre cube which we imagined was full of water. (It would hold a lot of water).  Then we discovered that cumecs were 1 cubic metre travelling down a river each second. 

The normal flow of the Waitahuna River is 1.5 cubic metres per second. (1.5 cumecs). The Waitahuna River steadily rose through the night until it peaked at approximately 2 am this morning.  At the highest point the Waitahuna River flowed at 197 cumecs (197 cubic metres per second) That is regarded as flooding for our river.

Today the Juniors wrote about the flooding and the Seniors graphed the flow of our river from normal flow to 'flood level'.

It has been interesting to find out more about the Waitahuna River and Mother Nature's power.

Junior Room recounts:

Today it was flooding in the night. Mum had to bring us to school. The bus did not go up the road it was too wet.
Beth Homer Age 5

Last night in Waitahuna it rained and rained. In the morning I woke up and I looked out my window and I saw a big flood outside.
I got out of bed and went into the living room and had breakfast and then Mum and Dad woke up and the others woke up.  After breakfast we had to get ready for school and Henry had to get ready for Educare.  When we were ready Mum drove us to school because the bus could not come up to our house because it was too wet. 
When we got to school we had to play inside because it was too wet. After we played inside, the bell rang so we had to go to class because it was school time.
Elsie Homer Age 7

On Wednesday me and Dad and Mum and my dog went outside.  I said to Mum and Dad “It’s raining cats and dogs”.  Mum and Dad laughed. We were at the creek. I said “When did the creek get this big?” The creek went a wee bit over the drive-way.
Lachie Wark Age 7

In the morning Dad, me and Scott went down to the river. When we got there I was shocked the water was so high.  It was flooding at the Collie Club. It said on the ipad that it was 74 cumecs. 
Today we made a 1 metre cube out of rolled up newspaper.  It was hard and cool. It was fun. A cubic metre of water is huge.
Cameron Brown Age 8

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rippa Rugby tournament 2015

Today Waitahuna School competed in the annual Rippa Rugby tournament at Balclutha.  

The year 3-4 team had 8 players and the Year 5-6 team had 7, so not too many reserves.  The children showed a lot of grit and determination and had a great team of parents and Grandparents supporting them. 

Thanks especially to the coaches for their positive feed-back and support.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How we start the day...

A great way to start the morning... Dylan making the most of the moment and reading to the class one of their favourite stories... 'Filling a Bucket: Daily Happiness for Children"

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Super-Woman? We have plenty in Waitahuna

Today Waitahuna School hosted their Super-women morning-tea.  Twenty-four Super-women came to celebrate along with a dozen under fives. The children sang some of their favourite songs and then read their super-women stories about why they are special to them. Some of the reasons ranged from: 
"she drives us everywhere like a taxi driver" 
"She takes care of us and makes sure we do things right"
"Nana Chris is sweet because she spends time with us"
"My Mum is Super-Mum because she made my reading-hut out of wooden planks and a camo net"

The Senior Room then organised the cups of tea and coffee for our visitors while the Junior Room showed them some of the applications on the ipads.  Below are a few photos of our morning.  Thanks to the Super-women who attended.

If you can't see our photos click on the link below: Super-women morning tea

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Critter Catch

Today the children were a buzz about their weekend hunting exploits. Neighbours joined with neighbours and families went out together to make it more than just a hunting trip. Eels caught live and rats trapped dead! The reporters in the field say there were far more hares caught than rabbits, and only one lone pig.  Thanks again to all our supportive parents not only for helping on the day but for the memories made. 

If you cannot see the slideshow above on your device, click the link below:CRITTER CATCH 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Thanks Parents

Thanks to the Waitahuna School parents for again organising a successful Critter Catch fundraiser. Always great to see the support given to our small school by our loyal community minded parents. Top Effort Waitahuna

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Waitahuna School's Field of Rememberance

This week we have been remembering the soldiers who served in World War One as we commemorate 100 years since the war.  The children have discussed the war and we have talked about how it affected a small town like Waitahuna. Our Roll of Honour Board holds the names of ten soldiers who died in WW1.  

Today we held a service to commemorate these soldiers and all soldiers who fought. The poem 'Flanders Field' and 'The Ode' were read, also a list of our Waitahuna soldiers was read. The children sang the National Anthem and laid poppies.  We have included some photos for you to view of our commemorations.
If you cannot see our photo slideshow on your ipad or device, click on the link below: ANZAC WEEK

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Can we make a difference?

A big question was asked to the pupils at Waitahuna School this week. 'Can a small school like Waitahuna School make a difference?"  We thought you might enjoy seeing the learning that went along with this. 
Please just click on the image below. If you cannot see our 'Project on Vanuatu' on your ipad or device, click on the link below:
Vanuatu Project

The children have had a short but very busy term.  We hope you enjoy your Easter holiday break. 

Below is a photo album of the whole process.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Vanuatu Cyclone Pam Fundraiser

Vanuatu Cyclone Pam Fundraiser

Dear Parents 
The children have been learning about the devastation that has hit Vanuatu in the wake of Cyclone Pam.
We have discussed ways that a small school like Waitahuna  can help people in need so far away.  The children have decided that money would be the best way to help and support these people.  Therefore the children have come up with two fundraising ideas .

Thursday Unwanted toy Sale
The children are asked to bring along a toy or book that they no longer need, these will be sold to their peers for a gold coin.  The children are asked to also bring some gold coins to purchase items from their peers. All unsold toys will be sent back home after the sale. (Parents please check what your child wants to bring to make sure you are happy with them selling it for a gold coin)

Cake Stall Baking
On Wednesday or Thursday the children will be baking at school for the cake stall in Lawrence and all proceeds will go toward the Vanuatu Appeal.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at school.

Regards Clare & Vicki

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Enthusiastic Writers at Waitahuna

We have two new initiatives to our writing programme for 2015. 

The Senior Room pupils have a 'Hot Shot Writers Bag' which goes home with a deserving writer each day. The bag is full of goodies to help inspire and present a piece of writing at home. The children are able to choose what they would like to write about and we now have an amazing array of writing covering our 'Writers’ Wall'. The work ranges from reports, recipes, jokes, news and home-life stories to reviews on favourite games and books. So far we have over 26 pieces of writing displayed on our wall. The children are enjoying sharing their work but also giving and receiving feedback on their friends writing.

The Junior Room isn't to be out done with their writing and some families have already had the pleasure of meeting Cherry Tom the newest member in the Junior Room. Cherry Tom the kiwi travels with his head poking out of the top of his Writers bag (so he can see what is going on ..."and it helps him breathe"). He is lucky enough to travel home with the amazing junior room writers where he stays the night with them. Then with the help of their families they fill out the diary and can include digital photos of the adventures he has with them.

It is exciting to see the writing the children are creating at home, feel free to drop into school and take a look at their work.