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Monday, February 23, 2015

Our pea-pod experience

Today I ate green peas. They were in their pod. Michael

Peas are green so are pea pods. I like peas and pea pods. Elsie

Pea pods are green. Pea pods are easy to open. I undo my pea pods like a zipper. They are yummy and the pods are moon shaped. Briar

Pea pods are green and tasty. We open them like a zip. They are yum! Mine had six peas and the pod looked like a moon. Lachie W

Peas are yum and you can un-zip the pea pod. Dylan

The peas are green. The pods are green too. Scott

Pea pods are tasty and they are green.  They look like a moon. I like the colours. Abbie

Pea pods are green and tasty. Beth

Peas pods are green, ‘Snap’ goes my pea pod. Nick

Peas are green and I snap them. The peas are in the pea pods. Tyler

Pea pods are green like peas. I un-zipped my pea pod. I think peas are cool. Cameron

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