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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Enthusiastic Writers at Waitahuna

We have two new initiatives to our writing programme for 2015. 

The Senior Room pupils have a 'Hot Shot Writers Bag' which goes home with a deserving writer each day. The bag is full of goodies to help inspire and present a piece of writing at home. The children are able to choose what they would like to write about and we now have an amazing array of writing covering our 'Writers’ Wall'. The work ranges from reports, recipes, jokes, news and home-life stories to reviews on favourite games and books. So far we have over 26 pieces of writing displayed on our wall. The children are enjoying sharing their work but also giving and receiving feedback on their friends writing.

The Junior Room isn't to be out done with their writing and some families have already had the pleasure of meeting Cherry Tom the newest member in the Junior Room. Cherry Tom the kiwi travels with his head poking out of the top of his Writers bag (so he can see what is going on ..."and it helps him breathe"). He is lucky enough to travel home with the amazing junior room writers where he stays the night with them. Then with the help of their families they fill out the diary and can include digital photos of the adventures he has with them.

It is exciting to see the writing the children are creating at home, feel free to drop into school and take a look at their work.

Monday, March 16, 2015


On Friday we were very excited to get some mail from Romahapa School.  We went to visit them on our camp to Pounawea and they kindly gave us lunch at their school.  We played in their playground and got to hang-out with the pupils.  As we left we  gave them a copy of The Lawrence Lions book. 

The letter from them included a copy of 'Romahapa Junior Room Version of ... The Lawrence Lions'. The pupils from the Junior Room at Romahapa have recently read 'The Lawrence Lions' and decided to use it to inspire their writing by imagining that the lions had escaped near them! Thanks Romahapa for your version of the book. We plan to put it in our school library beside The Lawrence Lions book.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Today we remembered

Today at Waitahuna School we shared our memories of Mr Dalton.

Camp Pounawea - Update #2

We hope you enjoy reading our recounts from Camp Pounawea. A camp book will also be going home over the next few weeks, we hope you enjoy reading about our adventures.
If the photos above don't show on your tablet or ipad click the link below: POUNAWEA

Friday, March 6, 2015

Camp Pounawea - Update # 1

Waitahuna School is just back from a 3 day camp at Pounawea. The weather was perfect, the children enjoyed learning about a new environment and the camp parents were fantastic.  
Thanks to the wives of the camp Dads who held the fort to make it possible for them to attend.
Look out for a report next week of our adventures and a few photos. We hope the children sleep well tonight, 

Vicki and Clare.