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Monday, June 29, 2015

Junior Geologists

Before we started being geologists we wanted to know…
How do rocks get layers inside them?
Where do the colours in rocks come from?
How are rocks made?
Do different places have the same rocks or are they different?
Are some rocks harder or stronger than others? Which ones?

The things we found out were….
Rocks are different colours
Rocks are usually hard.
Rocks can be used to build houses.
Some rocks are easy to break –like mudstone
Sedimentary rocks are easy to break.
Sedimentary rocks are made of layers.
Rocks are different types-sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous.
Granite is very hard-so hard it is hard for a power drill to drill into it.
Granite can be used for statues and flash buildings
Granite is an igneous rock.
Metamorphic rocks are really hard.
Diamonds are the hardest-we think!
In Africa sandstone is used to make houses.
Bricks can be made of stone –all different types of stones.(sometimes bricks are made of clay)
I wonder how you make bricks…
Rocks take millions of years to make.
However if a volcano erupts and the lava cools quickly that is a new rock in record time.
Pumice is an igneous rock because it comes from a volcano.
Pumice is a special rock because it is so light it can float.
Diamonds come from carbon which has been changed by pressure and heat.
Pumice is made when the lava from a volcano erupts and the lava hits the water and cools down very fast.
If a rock has been in the water for a long time it can get really smooth.
Marble is made from limestone when a lot of heat and pressure has been put on it for millions of years.
Some rocks are rocky.
Some rocks are made pout of bits of other rocks.
Some rocks have crystals in them and sparkle.
The world is made of rocks!!!
The earth’s crust is made out of rocks!
You cannot count all the rocks in the world.
Some famous carvings are made from rocks –marble is good for carving.
Some rocks are used to make jewellery –diamonds, ruby, emerald, sapphire, opals and lots of others.
In New Zealand pounamu (greenstone) is carved into lots of things.

Our rock reports:

Pumice is white and you only find it at the beach or near a lake. If you find pumice bring it home with you and do not lose it. When you go to the North Island you should find some pumice. And if you do you will be lucky.

My rock might be conglomerate. It has rocks in it. It was in the river. My rock is big and rough.  It is heavy. 

My rock is pink and grey, it is metamorphic. A metamorphic rock is an igneous or sedimentary rock that has been changed into a metamorphic rock from heat and pressure.
Rocks come in all shapes and sizes. My rock is from the Millennium Track at Clutha River by the Beaumont Bridge. My rock is very hard. It might be piemontite schist.
The Waitahuna Junior class is writing about rocks.


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