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Monday, June 29, 2015

Senior Room Technology Project - Hot Bread lunch

Technological Practice - Hot Bread Lunch - Part One
1. At Waitahuna School we are very lucky as we can have heated lunch everyday. We wanted more ideas of what we could make.
2. We surveyed what people had at school and the most popular were toasties and hot dogs followed by others.
3. We researched on the computer the different options we could make and made a hot bread lunch poster.
4. We made a Planning sheet on what we were going to make. Ty and Paige made pizza buns, Hannah and Bryn made savoury swirls, Madaline made bread case savouries, Melee made mouse-traps, Nate made French-toast and Baylee made pancakes and Kaitlin made corn fritters.
5. We had to decide on our recipe, the ingredients and the utensils we need.
6. Then came 'Test Kitchen Day'. It was challenging cooking by ourselves. We also had to have all the dishes ready by lunch time.
7. We sampled and judged all the dishes.
8. We had to judge on smell, taste, portion size and whether it was easy to eat for a five year old. It was fun sampling all the dishes.
9. It was hard to decide the winner as they were all so good. Bryn’s savoury swirls, Kaitlin’s fritters and Baylee’s pancake were judged very high, but a wee bit difficult to make a lot of. We therefore decided to make Melee’s mouse traps for the whole school lunch day.

Technological Practice - Hot Bread Lunch - Part Two
1.After we had decided to make mouse traps we had a competition to design an order form on the computer. Bryn won the competition but every-ones was good. Bryn’s got to go home with the children.
2. Then we collected the order forms to see how many mouse-traps we needed to make, we needed to make 40 toasties.
3. Next we put the mouse-traps order forms into categories the options were ‘the works’ which were bacon, tomato, onion and all had bread and cheese. An other option was onion, onion and tomato, bacon and onion or bacon and tomato.
4. Then we found out how many works we needed there were 23,
1 onion, 2 bacon and onion, 4 bacon and tomato and 9 bacon.
5. We all had jobs during this project Mads and Paige were grating the cheese and Paige cut the tomato as well, Baylee and Nate cut the onion and fried it. Hannah and Kaitlin were buttering bread and Bryn and Ty were cutting the bacon and frying it.
6. It was challenging to cook it in time for lunch. We only had 90 minutes and four people were watching the mouse-traps to check they didn’t over-cook.
7. Hannah and Kaitlin were setting up the serviettes and they wrote the kind or mouse trap on the serviette, so we didn’t mix the orders up.
8. We laid the mouse-traps out on the correct serviettes and Hannah made a sign saying ‘Welcome’
9. The Senior Room gave out the mouse-trap orders to the Juniors and the staff and then the Senior room had theirs.
10. Our Hot Bread lunch Technology Project was interesting but very challenging. We had to make lots of decisions and follow a process to make our project successful.

Report written by the Senior Room pupils.
If you can't view the slideshow on your tablet or device, click the link below: Technology - Hot Bread lunch

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