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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Flooding of the Waitahuna River 2015

Senior Room Report on the 2015 Waitahuna River Flood
Yesterday at Waitahuna School there was some wild weather. It bucketed down all day so we couldn’t go outside.  But worse was to come. 

When we all left school we noticed that the Waitahuna River, below the bridge was creeping up. Then when we got home we saw some fences under water.

Some families kept updated by looking at the Otago Regional Council website.  This site shows the river flows and tells farmers and locals about the flooding risk.  The Waitahuna River’s flow is measured at Tweed’s bridge near the Collie club.

Today at school we learnt that water was measured in cumecs.  First we constructed a 1 metre cube which we imagined was full of water. (It would hold a lot of water).  Then we discovered that cumecs were 1 cubic metre travelling down a river each second. 

The normal flow of the Waitahuna River is 1.5 cubic metres per second. (1.5 cumecs). The Waitahuna River steadily rose through the night until it peaked at approximately 2 am this morning.  At the highest point the Waitahuna River flowed at 197 cumecs (197 cubic metres per second) That is regarded as flooding for our river.

Today the Juniors wrote about the flooding and the Seniors graphed the flow of our river from normal flow to 'flood level'.

It has been interesting to find out more about the Waitahuna River and Mother Nature's power.

Junior Room recounts:

Today it was flooding in the night. Mum had to bring us to school. The bus did not go up the road it was too wet.
Beth Homer Age 5

Last night in Waitahuna it rained and rained. In the morning I woke up and I looked out my window and I saw a big flood outside.
I got out of bed and went into the living room and had breakfast and then Mum and Dad woke up and the others woke up.  After breakfast we had to get ready for school and Henry had to get ready for Educare.  When we were ready Mum drove us to school because the bus could not come up to our house because it was too wet. 
When we got to school we had to play inside because it was too wet. After we played inside, the bell rang so we had to go to class because it was school time.
Elsie Homer Age 7

On Wednesday me and Dad and Mum and my dog went outside.  I said to Mum and Dad “It’s raining cats and dogs”.  Mum and Dad laughed. We were at the creek. I said “When did the creek get this big?” The creek went a wee bit over the drive-way.
Lachie Wark Age 7

In the morning Dad, me and Scott went down to the river. When we got there I was shocked the water was so high.  It was flooding at the Collie Club. It said on the ipad that it was 74 cumecs. 
Today we made a 1 metre cube out of rolled up newspaper.  It was hard and cool. It was fun. A cubic metre of water is huge.
Cameron Brown Age 8

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