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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Clued Up Kids - Farm Safety Workshop (Year 6 Report)

On Wednesday the Year 6 children from the Senior Room went to Balclutha for a Farm Safety Course at the Cross Recreation Centre.

At the Bike helmet safety check the first thing we checked for was scratches and dents at the top of our helmets. Next we checked that there was a V under our ears with the straps. After we checked the straps under our chins to make sure that our helmets would stay on but we can still open our mouths wide.  (Kaitlin) 

After the helmet check we went to the Bike Safety and learnt how to do hand signals when we were going around a small track. (Kaitlin)

On the third activity we went to Water Safety. We learnt how to put on a life jacket and how to make it fit. We then went in the BP Surf Rescue boat to see what it was like. We were also told to be safe and swim in between the red and yellow flags. The life guards told us that when a wave comes they all have to go to the front of the boat to get through the wave otherwise the boat would flip and sometimes a life guard just swim out to get the person in trouble with a floating device and then pulls them in. (Baylee)

At the St John’s session we learnt how to stop bleeding. Selwyn the instructor asked Melee as a volunteer. He put fake blood on Melee’s leg and we had to stop it bleeding. Hannah put on a cloth pad. I wrapped a pressure bandage on her leg to stop the blood. Ty got a phone to ring 111 but we didn't need too. (Bryn)

 After St John, we went onto Gun Safety. We learnt what an Arms Code is, what different guns are for and the golden rule, ‘If you don’t own it, don’t touch it’. We also saw what a simple bullet can do to a water filled container. (Ty)

Then we did Dog Safety, there were some pictures of dogs and we looked at how they’re feeling. The lady who was teaching us about dogs told us ‘if you see a dog on its own leave it alone’, she also showed us a picture of a baby lifting the dogs mouth it looked cute, but the dog was not enjoying it. After all that she let us pat her a dog. (Melee)

In the Fire Safety session we went in pairs of two. We went in a dark creepy blow up tunnel. It was about ‘Get down, Get low Get out, FAST!’ and  you never leave out the fast! We learnt a rhyme which goes like this “keep a metre from the heater”. (Hannah)

Another session we did was with Grant from Farmsafe. He taught us about quad bike safety. We got to pump and check the tyres on a quad bike. Two tyres were not 5 p.s.i. so we pumped them up. With a quad bike it is always safe to wear a helmet in case you fall off. You have to be over 16 to ride a quad bike. (Bryn)

After Quad Bike safety, we went onto Civil Defence. Brendon taught us about natural disasters and what to do when it happens. We learnt about earthquakes and to drop, cover, hold. We also had two goes on an Earthquake Simulator. (Ty)

Lastly we did Relax Kids, there were some sandwiches to eat. Then we got into a circle and learned about parts of your brain. The lady there said if you imagine vines around your feet so you can’t move. Then move your finger around your other fingers as you breathe and that should calm down. (Melee)

We really enjoyed the clued up kids afternoon and at the end we got a bag with some goodies in it. We also made a few friends from Waihola School. It was fun going with the year 6’s and Kaitlin.

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