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Monday, September 7, 2015

Waitahuna Gully Goldmining 2015

Waitahuna students have been learning about how people lived in Waitahuna in the past.
The Juniors have found out about the early miners so we were excited when we were visited by  Alan to tell the children about his current plans for goldmining in Waitahuna Gully.

Alan had many interesting facts about gold and gold mining to share.
Did you know?
Magnets pick up rust and leave gold
Gold is heavier than everything else in the gold pan
An ounce of gold can be flattened so that it will cover 17 square meters.
Gold is an element metal
Gold is used in cellphones, medicine and jewellery

Alan showed us a tube with pieces of gold in it. This gold was from the West Coast and was nuggets.
The gold in Waitahuna is alluvial and usually much smaller pieces.

Alan shared some pictures of Waitahuna Gully from the olden days. He told us that the gold is found in an old river bed - which was formed around 40 million years ago. The rock is conglomerate and they are even finding pieces of jasper. Cameron was lucky to keep a small piece of jasper. Beth's conglomerate rock that she found in the river might have gold in it!

Nowadays the mining will be easier as instead of picks and shovels the miners will use diggers. The miners have dug  test holes  and found gold so are hoping to find enough gold to mine for a few years. The miners need to be careful that the diggers do not get stuck in the mud.

First they have had to chop the trees down and then dig ponds to collect water. When they have finished mining they will replant the trees. Today the miners are much more careful than the early miners and they will not mess up the river or destroy old stuff.

In the summer when it is drier Alan has invited the school up to have a closer look. We are looking forward to that. Waitahuna Gully is in for a change!

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