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Thursday, December 31, 2015

We Remember - Mrs Crump

This week Waitahuna School has lost a past pupil, past parent, past Grand-parent and special friend of the school. In our small school Mrs Crump was an identity that we all knew and loved. She was the special lady behind the 'Soup and Savs' for many and more recently she was always at the top of the Invite List for all celebrations at Waitahuna School. 
We hope you enjoy listening to the interview that the children made earlier this year which gave us all an insight into her life in Waitahuna.     Mrs Crump's Interview  (The rest of the interviews are on a tab at the top of our blog.)

Remembered with love Mrs Crump 1925-2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Today was the last day at Waitahuna School for 2015. We decided to do a little Kitchen Chemistry. First we made a pavlova... one with an electric mixer and one by hand! Challenge Number One was to separate the egg whites from the yolk - we hope you enjoy the video on how we did this.
An egg white is about 90% water and 10% protein. 
~The egg-white proteins are long chains of amino acids that fold and curl into more or less spherical tangles. ~When you beat an egg white, theseproteins uncurl and stretch out.
~As you beat the egg whites, you also whip bubbles into the mixture.
~The water molecules and egg-white proteins bump around, fighting for position...
...But after all that Science the most important thing was the taste test and it was delicious.
We also went to visit a few 'special locals' to drop off our Christmas baking and sing Christmas carols.

Click the link to see our EGG SEPARATION VIDEO:

Monday, December 14, 2015

Presentation Day at Waitahuna School

Today was presentation day at Waitahuna School. Mrs Roughan from our local branch of the Cancer Society came to present Waitahuna School with a certificate for our support at Daffodil Day. Melee received the  certificate on behalf of us all and a special mention was made of Melee's own personal fundraising with her gift cards.
We also had two medals to present from 'Reading Eggs'. These were awarded to Lachie and Madaline. We are both amazed at the progress that the children have all made with the Reading Eggs programme.  Remember to keep up the great progress over the holidays to prevent the Summer Slide.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Last Week of School...

End of Year Production: Bad Jelly the Witch

Wow what a performance! The Waitahuna Hall was packed tonight for Waitahuna School's performance of 'Bad Jelly the Witch'. The children were amazing with their singing, dancing and acting. Congratulations for an awesome performance.
We must also mention the sterling job our year 6's made presenting their Leavers speeches. To stand up in front of a packed hall and confidently share their memories of their Watahuna School journey made us all extremely proud. Well done Hannah, Baylee, Melee and Ty you were stars.

Thanks Southfuels

Thanks Southfuels for your generous sponsorship of rural schools, also a huge thanks to our Southfuel clients in the Waitahuna area.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Beach Education 2015

Today we escaped the Waitahuna wind to a sunny day in Kaka Point. The children spent the day with Charlotte and Sophie teaching them the key aspects of Beach Education.

It is rewarding for Teachers and Parents alike to hear the knowledge that the children build on with every visit, from the New Entrants learning for the first time to the Years 6's now being confident with their knowledge of surf and safety. 

The sun shone as we enjoyed the surf, swimming between the flags. 

As a rural community with the Waitahuna River a big part of all our children's lives we must all continue to educate and inform them about the dangers while also showing them the fun-times that can be enjoyed in the water.

Vicki and Clare

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Waiwera South Quadrathon 2015

We are very proud of the Senior Room who competed in the Waiwera South Quadrathon today.
The day was very hot but the team of Ty, Hannah, Kaitlin and Paige gave it their best in every leg of the race.
We were especially proud at the determination of our two Year 4 pupils who competed in the individual event! - Great work Nate and Madaline on an amazing feat.