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Saturday, December 19, 2015


Today was the last day at Waitahuna School for 2015. We decided to do a little Kitchen Chemistry. First we made a pavlova... one with an electric mixer and one by hand! Challenge Number One was to separate the egg whites from the yolk - we hope you enjoy the video on how we did this.
An egg white is about 90% water and 10% protein. 
~The egg-white proteins are long chains of amino acids that fold and curl into more or less spherical tangles. ~When you beat an egg white, theseproteins uncurl and stretch out.
~As you beat the egg whites, you also whip bubbles into the mixture.
~The water molecules and egg-white proteins bump around, fighting for position...
...But after all that Science the most important thing was the taste test and it was delicious.
We also went to visit a few 'special locals' to drop off our Christmas baking and sing Christmas carols.

Click the link to see our EGG SEPARATION VIDEO:

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