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Friday, November 10, 2017

Pet Day 2017

Well what a week we have had at Waitahuna School. 
Parents doing school tailing on Monday, Ukulele on Tuesday, Snow on the ground on Wednesday with a visit from Pip and the Life Education Classroom, and thankfully the sun shone on Thursday for PET DAY!
The Pet Day was a great success. The children were excited and keen to share their pets. The parents were able to catch-up, visit the classrooms and see the children's work and competition entries on display.
The dog agility course was a highlight and the Grand Parade was a spectacle!
A huge thanks to the parents for supporting this event and a special thanks to Larissa for capturing the photos.

Click the image above to see some photos of our Pet Day

Friday, October 27, 2017

Bellview Planting 2017

Today Waitahuna School went to our Annual planting day at Bellview Gardens in Lawrence. 

We spent the morning potting native plants and also sourcing seedlings from under established plants. 

The children worked hard until they had exhausted the potting mix supply.

Next we were treated to roast lunch and cream cakes for afternoon. 

We also had a go a fishing for some trout which we could see but sadly no tight lines today. 

A huge thanks to Stevie for letting us share your special place. Also a huge thanks to Kasey for all your guidance and the beautiful food - prepared by yourself and Grandad Gordon. 

Also thanks to Gary and a special mention to Annie R for your amazing baking. 🌱🌿🍰🍩

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

CONSERVATION WEEK at Waitahuna School

(Click above to play the video)

Waitahuna School would love to see NZ Predator free by 2050.
Waitahuna has many residents who are passionate about increasing the number of native birds in our area.
Through this initiative we have been able to see an increased number of tui. Our school has been able to support this through native plantings and winter nectar feeding. We appreciate being a part of something that will increase the bird numbers and birdsong for us and future generations.
Squawk Squad
Department of Conservation
Waitahuna School

Friday, September 29, 2017

Brewery and Daffodil visit

After a morning researching native trees following on from our visit to The Station House Nursery; Waitahuna School visited Weatherstons Brewery and Daffodils Trust for a fish and chip picnic and a dally through the daffodils. The contrast from the native bush, complete with waterfall, to the expansive daffodil fields is spectacular.
A huge thanks to the volunteers who have re-opened the fields to the public this year as the daffodils are a treasure to behold.
Thanks to Val for taking us on her bus and for her support. 🚌
PS: No daffodils were squashed in the taking of our photo!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Visitors at Waitahuna School

Today we had Dream Brown visit Waitahuna School with her 7 pups. The children were very excited and the puppies got a lot of socialising - as did the children.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Thanks Sharon at the Station House

Today Waitahuna School visited Station House Nursery down the road in Waitahuna. 
Sharon showed the children the range of native plants that she grows and some of the features that make them so important to plant in our local area. Then we were able to plant harakeke seeds and repot larger flax. 
The children enjoyed learning more about native plantings and then we went back to school where we helped Sharon plant some flax in the native area beside the school.
A huge thanks to Sharon, Billy, Hazel and Leeann for a great learning experience.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Au revoir Greer

Today we had our last visit with Greer our Sports Activator. 
Greer has been a regular visitor to Waitahuna school and we have enjoyed all the skills and drills she has taught us. 
We wish Greer all the best for her future and look forward to following her sporting achievements.

Fabric and Fibres

Waitahuna School has been learning about fabrics and fibres this term.
Today we visited the Waitahuna Craft group when they met at the Waitahuna Hall. We were able to watch the members knitting, doll making and patch-working. We also sat down and worked on our own project with wool... a Pom Pom.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Helping out at Waitahuna School

One of the NZ Curriculum's Key Competencies is Participating and Contributing. This includes having responsibilities to the groups we belong to. 
Our pupils often focus on this competency through taking part in activities in our community that help others. 
Today the children again helped out with some chores to benefit our school. Thanks to Hamish also for his help.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thanks Southfuels

Thanks Southfuels for your generous donation of our Technology package. We appreciate the support your valuable programme gives to our school and the difference it makes to our learning.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

A HUGE thank you to our Parents

A huge thanks to our parents for the successful 'Night at the Races' fundraiser that they ran on Saturday evening. 
For a small group you put on an amazing evening and all your dedication to the event made it a brilliant night. Thanks

Monday, August 28, 2017

Rabbit Problems

Today Waitahuna School discovered a huge problem! 
Mr Robbie came to prune our 4 fruit trees and told us that rabbits were eating their trunks!
We put on our 'thinking caps' and thought of some solutions that could fix the problem. 
We decided to trial 2 ideas that were weatherproof and recycled. 
We will keep you updated as to how our ideas work. We are still hoping to pick apples, plums and pears from our trees next Autumn.

Buddy Reading at Waitahuna School

Today we would like to introduce a visitor who comes into the Junior Room at Waitahuna School. 
Weka loves to visit our class and listen to the children read. She is not fussy as to the books she listens to, but she did rather enjoy Henry's book today on dogs.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Waitahuna School's OE

Dear Parents and Grandparents, you may have heard about your children's recent adventures so we thought you might like to see an 'abridged' version of their journey.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Cartooning at Waitahuna School

At Waitahuna School we have had a few days of story writing and cartooning based on two of our classmates eel catching adventure during the weekend. 

Country-life must be some of the best writing inspiration. 

Term 2 Awards

This morning we had a fantastic start to the day with an amazing sunrise at Waitahuna School. 

As Mrs Blackmore is not going to be with us for the rest of the term, we took the opportunity to present awards to some of our pupils. Elsie, Lachie, Henry, Amber and Chase all received sports awards. Jayden received a 'Reading Eggs' award for the child at Waitahuna School who had made the biggest improvement in reading. 

Well done Jayden, your award is thoroughly deserved.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Silverbeet Soup

Today Waitahuna School officially put the school garden to bed for Winter.
We have had a mixed growing season but produced a great crop of capsicum which we made into delicious savoury scones.
Today we made Silverbeet soup. This delicious concoction involved even the youngest students at Waitahuna school chopping and dicing. The scenario was put to the children - 'If there was a big snowfall and Mum and Dad are out feeding stock, what can be cooked on the fire if the power is off?' As you can see - they cleaned up the lot! Thanks to Cameron and Elsie for the photos.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Junior Room writing

The Junior Room love to write. Pop into the classroom at 8.15 and you will find them writing. Lists, books and stories, you name it they are practising. No great focus for the bell to ring at 9 as some of these children have already been writing for 45 minutes. Keep up the great work.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ripppa Rugby 2017

A cold crisp day to play Rippa Rugby at the Sport Clutha tournament in Balclutha. We were tight for numbers with no reserves, but our two teams of Year 3 & 4 and Year 5 & 6 put in a top effort. The Year 3 & 4 team got to the quarter finals.
A huge thanks to Tony and Ben for the time spent coaching the teams. Also thanks to the parents who came to cheer us on and to the dozen Waitahuna children who played their hearts out.