Welcome to Waitahuna School's updated Blog. We are excited to share some of the learning that we do everyday at our fantastic school. Included in our Blog are links that will help with supporting learning at home.


NUMERACY & MATHS: Understanding numbers and patterns is the basis of mathematics.
Most of our teaching focuses on number knowledge and strategies for solving problems.
The National Standards for Mathematics set out clear expectations for achievement.

LITERACY: Reading, writing and speaking are crucial skills for learners.

We are proud to use the 'Reading Eggs' programme to compliment our guided classroom lessons.

The National Standards for Reading and Writing set out clear expectations for achievement.

INQUIRY: At the end of each year students are asked about their interests. These are collected and used to plan inquiry topics for the following year.
Term One - Habitats
Term Two - Let's be Geologists / Hot Bread Lunches
Term Three - Fabulous Fibres/ Kitchen Chemistry
Term Four - TBA

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