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Teach and Tell - Seniors

This term we have introduced ‘Teach and Tell’ as a way of including the ‘Key Competency of Participating and Contributing’ within the senior room. This activity is simply a variation of a favourite for many younger students “Show and Tell”.  This practice provides students with an opportunity to share individual areas of expertise/interest and to develop their speaking and listening skills as well.We have been amazed by the variety of talent amongst our class and their ability to captivate us through their presentations. Below we have included some examples.
2015 Presentations - 'NEW"
Paige ~ Sleeping Beauty (Ballet)
Madaline ~ South America
Baylee ~ Horse facts
Kaitlin ~ Pom pom craft
Hannah ~ Larnach's Castle
Melee ~ Cats 
Bryn ~ Didgeridoo

2014 Presentations 
Abby ~ Netball
Jake ~ Farming
Rebecca ~ Chickens
Jake ~ Hunting
Crede ~ My Woodwork Project
Rebecca ~ Seahorses
Abby ~ Farming
Bryn ~ Archery
Hannah ~ What to do in Catlins
Kaitlin ~ Cone Craft
Melee ~ Fly High with Melee
Ty ~ Lego

2013 Presentations - 
Jack ~ Magic 
Crede ~ Lego 
Abby ~ Motorbike Jumping
Rebecca ~ Handcrafts
Jake ~ My Dorset Down Stud
Melee ~ The Science of Molecules
Hannah ~ Making Pumpkin Dip
Bryn ~ Building with Dad

2012 - Presentations
Liam ~ Ninjago Lego
Olly - Cricket
Taylor ~ Motorbikes
Dotty ~ How to care for your pets
Jack ~ How to play darts
Joshua ~ Nintendo DS
Jacob ~ Club Penguin
Abby ~ How to care for your horse
Jake ~ Rodeo
Rebecca ~ How to have fun without screens

2011 - Presentations
Liam ~ Hunting
Jake ~ Motorbikes
Charlie ~ How to look after a pet
Brad ~ My rock collection
Dotty~ How to make the best cake
Jack ~ How to play chess
Joshua ~ How to make lolly cake
Jacob ~ Fishing and Eeling
Louise ~ How to make a puppet
Taylor ~ Drawing is fun
Olly ~ How to play rugby


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Anonymous said...

Jacob i liked your presentation beacause you read it with expression and it had a lot of facts that i didnt know.

Anonymous said...

Nice cake Dotty can you make me some


Anonymous said...

Thanks Olly...you explained cricket very clearly.

abby bugden said...

great work waitahuna